January 27, 2010

Chapter Two - One Ticket Out of the Wilderness

January 27, 2010
For chapter two to be so short there is definitely a lot of information packed in there! There are a few things that stand out and I will mention those briefly.

Beth mentions, "God calls us to surrender our own agendas on the altar of His will" - in other words, we are to die to self daily! This is super hard and probably even more so for us women! I catch myself going through life making decisions based on what I think is best and what I want the outcome to be - not searching or asking God for wisdom in making those decisions. I want to each morning, surrender my will do His!... this is a daily process - not something we can do once and move on. As Beth says, it is more of a sacrifice for us to forfeit the will of God for our own!

She also explains more in depth that "believing" in an action - and not a one time action, but a continuing action. Its something that we do (or should be doing) and we should be doing it continually.

Our first act of faith was accepting Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. That act of believing, confessing, repenting and accepting is what led us into our relationship with Jesus Christ. Unfortuntaley for some it ends there, but it is not suppose to! To build a healthy life with your husband you do more than just "marry" him and have your wedding day - you are constantly, daily (hopefully) working toward building a greater relationship with him. You build relationships by first communicating - this means listenting as well as talking!... this is why it is so important to communicate with God daily. How can we have a relationship with him and how can we grow in faith with him if we are not communicating with him and finding ourselves in his word daily - please note, I am speaking directly to myself here!

So... I think what would be nice is if we each shared our salvation experiences... some may be exciting and eventful while other may not - either way, it is the greatest decision any of us have ever made and it is so important to share it with others! What do you think?!

I will go first... I warn you, it is so easy for me to ramble, so I will try to keep it short!!

It is so interesting to think about now b/c my Sophomore and Junior (and I guess my Senior) year of high school going to First Priority was the "cool" thing to do. At one point in time we met on Friday afternoons and to a packed house of probably 100 or more. It was full of the popular kids and maybe the not so popular (that sounds yucky to say) - there were football players, cheerleaders, band members, and your everyday teenager. Most of my friends "went" to church in some capacity or had "ties" to church... and I guess they assumed that I did as well... or at least assumed I was a "Christian" (which is such a catchphrase now days). I had been to church, I knew you were suppose to go to church and there was always some sort of desire there for me, but there was never any consistency in my own family and quite frankly it just was not really talked about. To make a long story shorter - one Friday afternoon in a First Priority meeting I received Christ as my personal lord and savior - I did not make a spectacle about it and quite frankly at the time I did not totally understand what I had done - this did not happen until I started going to church regularly which was pretty much immediately. I remember I had such a hunger and desire in me that was like none other - my cup just ran over - church was a getaway for me - it was a place of peace and of redemption and I felt better there than anywhere else. I wanted to be there every time the doors were open and those were the people that I wanted to be around. It was years before I actually told anyone about my salvation experience and b/c of that the devil tried to convince me that I really didn't get saved... I think as a teen I was almost embarrassed b/c I was sure all my friends just "assumed" I was and I didn't want to to think badly of me - knowing now that they would not have... My stepping out moment was when I got baptized. I don't know why it was so hard for me to step out, but it was! I gripped the pew for months when our pastor would make altar calls for people who needed to be baptized... I knew God was pressing on my heart to take this step of obedience.

Shew... I could go on and on, but I will let you take a turn now!

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