January 21, 2010

Chapter One - Your Promised Land

January 21, 2010
There are so many statements in this first chapter that jump off the page (for me). Right away what catches me is when Beth repeats what her son in law says, "Curt told us the only way we were going to impact the world and the next generation is to prove that our faith in Christ is real and that is works". It is almost scary to think that I am at the stage in my life where there is actually a "generation" beneath me that is looking at my life as an example - an example of the goodness of Christ. There are so many before us that have laid a foundation and that have shown us that true genuine faith in Christ really works! Not faith in the world, not faith in material things, not faith in people - because people will always in so way fail us... but Christ, never... He will never fail us. I am sure he has already proved that to many of you - do you have any instances of God's faithfulness that you would like to share?

I said before that I have went into 2010 saying to the Lord that I want to be usable! Beth says it so much better "We're getting by but getting by, was never our destiny. We were meant to be profoundly effective" - wow! Profoundly Effective! I like that so much better... I want to be not only effective, but profoundly effective!

Effective, to be adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result.

I want to be adequate in accomplishing the purpose that Christ has for my life and in doing so I will produce the intended and/or expected result!

Share what the chapter has said to you...


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