February 10, 2010

Chapter Five - Believing God Can Do What He Says He Can Do

February 10, 2010
This is my second time reading this book and both times this chapter has been a lot for me to absorb. I think that is because a lot of times, we in our human nature, tend to over analyze and over think things. The idea of both cessationism and sensationalism baffle me and honestly I am choosing to not completely understand either one of these ideologies.

Here are a few things that come from the Beth Moore "homework" for this chapter:
Please consider each one prayerfully...
  • Although the Kingdom era in which we live is not necessarily characterized by signs and wonders, God certainly still performs miracles. The Word of God also teaches that signs and wonders will dramatically increase in the latter days.
  • Though God makes countless merciful exceptions, He still reserves the right to supernaturally respond most readily to faith. Remember what we've learned: faith fills the gap between our theology and our reality.
  • Much of the body of Christ is paralyzed by unbelief. Our unbelief has likely ushered us into a frustrating, disabling cycle: we believe little, so we see little, so we continue to believe little and see little.
  • A popular explanation for the rarity of obvious miracles today is that God no longer performs them, but the unbelief of this generation may be the real obstacle.
  • God is not offended by our requests for supernatural intervention. On the contrary, God is pleased when we exercise faith. God is offended when our desire for signs and wonders eclipses our desire for Him or becomes a request for God to prove Himself. God reads every petition we make on the tablets of our hearts.

There are few biblical subjects that require more depth of insight and understanding than miracles. We certainly will not discover all the answers this week, in fact, we will still have questions as long as we occupy planet Earth, but we can know more than we do. Read Proverbs 2:1-5. Personalize the concepts taught in these verses, asking God to give you a new depth of understanding about miracle this week and throughout this series. In other words, use this opportunity to call out to God for insight!

What would you like to share this week? I know many of you have experience miraculous miracles in your life and maybe some that you would not consider so miraculous... please share!


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February 3, 2010

Chapter 4 - Believing God Is Who He says He Is

February 3, 2010

There's a song that I love called "He is". It has been sung at our church a few time and is so absolutely powerful - the lyrics are basically "what Christ is" ... I want to share those lyrics with you here:

In Genesis, He's the breath of life
In Exodus, the Passover Lamb
In Leviticus, He's our High Priest
Numbers, The fire by night
Deuteronomy, He's Moses' voice
In Joshua, He is salvation's choice
Judges, law giver
In Ruth, the kinsmen-redeemer
First and second Samuel, our trusted prophet
In Kings and Chronicles, He's sovereign

Ezra, true and faithful scribe
Nehemiah, He's the rebuilder of broken walls and lives
In Esther, He's Mordecai's courage
In Job, the timeless redeemer
In Psalms, He is our morning song

In Proverbs, wisdom's cry
Ecclesiastes, the time and season
In the Song of Solomon, He is the lover's dream

He is, He is, HE IS!

In Isaiah, He's Prince of Peace
Jeremiah, the weeping prophet
In Lamentations, the cry for Israel
Ezekiel, He's the call from sin
In Daniel, the stranger in the fire

In Hosea, He is forever faithful
In Joel, He's the Spirits power
In Amos, the arms that carry us
In Obadiah, He's the Lord our Savior
In Jonah, He's the great missionary

In Micah, the promise of peace
In Nahum, He is our strength and our shield
In Habakkuk and Zephaniah, He's pleading for revival
In Haggai, He restores a lost heritage
In Zechariah, our fountain

In Malachi, He is the son of righteousness rising with healing in His wings

He is, He is, HE IS!

In Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, He is God, Man, Messiah
In the book of Acts, He is fire from heaven
In Romans, He's the grace of God
In Corinthians, the power of love
In Galatians, He is freedom from the curse of sin

Ephesians, our glorious treasure
Philippians, the servants heart
In Colossians, He's the Godhead Trinity
Thessalonians, our coming King
In Timothy, Titus, Philemon He's our mediator and our faithful Pastor

In Hebrews, the everlasting covenant
In James, the one who heals the sick.
In First and Second Peter, he is our Shepherd
In John and in Jude, He is the lover coming for His bride
In the Revelation, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords

He is, He is, HE IS!

The prince of peace
The Son of man
The Lamb of God
The great I AM

He's the alpha and omega
Our God and our Savior
He is Jesus Christ the Lord
and when time is no more
He is, HE IS!

This song is so powerful; you are almost immediately raised to your feet when you hear it! I get filled up just reading the lyrics!

This chapter has so much to ponder upon and to think about – I feel inadequate to even lead a discussion about it so I will start with this:

Does anyone want to share ways their faith has been stretched this week to believe that God is who He says He is?

Faith Journaling

I hope you’re journaling as you go … here are some things to help you get started!

Prepare for your journaling by recalling a question placed before you in this chapter: “Who do you say I am?” Based on the reading you’ve just accomplished reflect prayerfully and open-mindedly on the following question: How similar is the god He says He is to the God you say He is? If you want to share your response with the rest of us, great… if not, that is ok too! Just think about it and then at least journal about it.

After mediating on the challenges placed before you in this chapter, please write a brief letter to God inviting Him to prod and stretch your faith and alter your belief system where necessary – or express to Him your reluctance.

Remember to write down your “Godstops” also when you’re journaling.

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February 2, 2010

God Stops - Why?

February 2, 2010
I love the idea of Godstops! "savoring the observable presence"

God is at work all around us and often we are too busy to notice. It is a wonderful idea to journal your prayer request, so you can go back and look through and make a note of the prayers that God has answered - it becomes "evidence" of sorts - evidence in the courts of God - evidence of the 5 statements of faith we have been practicing!

Are you keeping track of your Godstops? Keep a notepad next to your bed and before you turn the lights out write down the "observable" works of God for that day ... maybe you would want to share some of them with us?

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Chapter Three - Preparing For Wars and Wonders

Wow! That was a lot in one chapter. I love this chapter because it is the true introduction to the rest of the book - she is preparing us all for something wonderful! There is so much I really do not know where to start with this post.

I want to encourage each of you to write down the five statement pledge of faith and post it where you will see it all the time... on your mirror in the bathroom, your refrigerator, your computer screen at work, etc... put it to where you will see it continuously so that it will be ingrained in your heart and when the devil starts to attack you (or uses someone to attack you or your faith - people are good tools of the devil) these statements will pop right to your memory!!

  1. God is who He says He is.
  2. God can do what He says He can do.
  3. I am who God says I am.
  4. I can do all things through Christ.
  5. God's Word is alive and active in me.

Commit to saying this aloud daily for a set length of time – maybe until you finish this book – maybe longer. I am going to commit to do this until baby Claire comes – every day… that is going to be my timeline.

Increase your personal level of sanctification - I love the idea of the bracelets. To be honest with you when I did this book before I did not do the bracelet – I thought to myself, “ahh, I can do it without the bracelet” – well it wasn’t long until I faltered! So pray about what you are going to commit to – set a timeline and get you a blue bracelet of some sort!

You may not feel led to share your commitment, but if you do please go ahead and do so! My personal commitment is to personal bible study time EVERY DAY and once again I am going to set my timetable to when baby #2 arrives – hopefully by that time I will be in such a routine that it will be second nature and I can go with the flow – and everyone know I will need all the prayer time I can get before she arrives!! Shew wee!

I have to say that this is my favorite line of the book so far:

If God said it, I want to believe it. If God gives it, I want to receive it. If God shows it, I want to perceive it. If Satan stole it, I want to receive it.

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