March 31, 2010

Chapter 8 - Believing You Can Do All Things Through Christ

March 31, 2010
I kind of feel all over the place in this entry so please bear with me ;)

One of the most important things that I personally have taken away from this chapter is that we need to prepare ourselves in advance for the attacks of Satan. You can probably heard often the saying of "you are either in the middle of a trial, going out of a trial, or getting ready to go into a trial". The best way to be prepared to to find ourselves enthralled in the word of God. We can spend hours and hours reading lots of books just like this one, but if we (I am talking to myself here) neglect to find ourselves in His word we cannot fully be prepared. The word of God is the Sword of the Spirit. This is our offensive weapon and it is powerful and effective at driving away the enemy and tearing down his work.

To be "mighty in our generation" Beth explains we also need a Shield of Faith. The shield of faith not only defends our whole body but also our armour. The shield can be used to hold back the darts of the enemy no matter the direction they come from. When the shield is down the other weapons are exposed. Faith is what God has given us to receive from Him. Determination alone will never get us to heaven. Only faith in Christ will.

How foolish of us to go out into battle without all the weapons God has equipped us with!

Moving On...

I love the book of Joshua. I imagine that Joshua had to be overwhelmed when he was given the duty of leading the people to their promise land! God was faithfully and Joshua knew that God would continue to be faithful.

My favorite point that she makes in this chapter is this:
When Jesus says "do not be afraid", its not because he removes the fearful circumstance, it is because he, our Savior is in the midst... never leaving us... never forsaking us!

Faith Journaling:

Spend more time in your journaling praising God for being His blessed Child! Also, ask god for insight for whatever may be standing between you and your promise land. Then ask him for grace to follow him. (continuing reading in Joshua... what is your wall of Jericho?)

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March 4, 2010

Chapter 7 - Believing You Are Who God Says You Are

March 4, 2010
I really like this chapter because it definitely hits home for me and I am sure for most women. Beth talks about how we sometimes make poor decisions in an effort to be accepted by others and talks about dealing with our insecurities. I almost wish she would have spent an entire chapter just dealing on "dealing with our insecurities. I know for myself this is something that I struggled with for a long time and it really came to a boiling point in my second year of marriage. See, I was looking to my husband to meet every need in my life... physical, emotional, and even spiritual at times. I had always been an independent young woman, making my own decisions. So when I got married - at a very young age I might add... Chris and I have been fortunate to have a great marriage, but I do not think anyone is prepared to be married at 20 and 22, however thats another topic for discussion! Anyway, once I got married and had this wonderful husband who wanted to take care of me, and did a great job I might add - I all of a sudden found myself so dependent upon him. When I finally realized it, and realized what type of strain it was putting on our marriage I had to immediately go to him and apologize. I was looking for Chris to meet every need in my life when I should have been looking for our great Heavenly Father to do so! This all played out due to my own insecurities and me looking to Chris completely to make me feel better about myself - talking about pressure!

Being a woman and a mother for some of us, it is so easy to get filled up with different insecurities. "Is my house clean enough?" ... "what will they think about what kind of parent I am?" ... "will they think my child is well behaved?" ... this all plays out in so many ways all the way to the petty "what will she think about what I'm wearing?" ... oh yuck! Isn't that gross to admit that we sometimes feel that way!? I even tell Chris that his clothes have to be nicely pressed because that is a reflection on me... how crazy is this! ha!

So anyway... we all have them - insecurities!... and I would say for the most part we all struggle or we have struggled at one point or another in looking for acceptance... when in reality we should just be looking for the acceptance of God.

I tell my teenage Sunday School girls all the time "you are a CHILD OF GOD... and HEIR TO THE THRONE... a CHILD OF THE KING" ... We are all God's creation, but if you have accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior you are his child!!

When you're feeling the attack of the devil I urge you to out loud proclaim "I am a Child of God! The heir to the throne and a Child of THE KING!!!"

In love we are:
  • Blessed - to be of good fortune
  • Chosen - one who is the object of choice or of divine favor : an elect person
  • Adopted - to take by choice into a relationship
  • Favored - provided preferential treatment
  • Redeemed - BLAMELESS!... freedom from what distresses or harms, freedom from captivity.
  • Forgiven - to be granted relief a debt (the debt of our sin)
Spend your journaling time today asking God to help you become a one-thing person. Talk to him about areas in which you desperately need simplification. Conclude your journaling time by asking God to empower you to "follow hard" after Him and to preserve in "pressing on" ... being who He says you are!!

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March 1, 2010

Thought Provoking - Personal Blog Post

March 1, 2010
This is a post from September 9th, 2009. I had been doing this Beth Moore study and then received a thought provoking email from a colleague.

Original Post:

I had someone recently send me an email and ask me, “How would I like Colton to serve the world?” It was really a thought provoking question and shamefully so I don’t know if I had really thought about it prior to being ask. I always knew that first and foremost I wanted him to be a great man of God! I pray everyday that he will be saved at a very young age and that no matter what he does in life he will serve the Lord. I don’t want him to be a servant of the “world” or of “man”, but a servant of the Most High Priest! So I got to thinking... what else do I want for him??? Here is a little taste of my response to the email.

That he is compassionate and appreciative. Compassionate toward others and appreciative of the world around him and the opportunities that has been afforded him. I want him to also be responsible, gracious and humble. Courageous enough to start new adventures… I hope he strives to be excellent in all he does, but the realty is that he will fail… he will fail many times – and when he does I pray it will make him a better man, a better person, a better Christian. I hope he will learn that his failures do not and will not define him, he will be known by what he does after he fails. I pray that he will have resilience to overcome adversity and that he will be tolerant of the world around him, but in the same regard that he will never compromise his beliefs. I pray he will have strong convictions and that he will follow them. I hope he is a leader and not a follower, a lover not a hater. I want him to be successful, but not according to the standards of the world. And I want him to always, always to be dependent only on God… not on me and not on his own father, but on our great Heavenly Father who has promised to never leave us nor forsake us! Chris and I will ultimately let him down, but God will never let him down.

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Chapter 6 - Believing God For His Best

I have had a hard time writing about his chapter. I am not sure exactly why though - there's just so much packed into this chapter and a ton of it is really OVER my head ;). Maybe some of you can give me some of your insight into this chapter. There are a few things that jumped out at me that I want to share:

pg. 70 "I want my children to love God. I tell them often that a passionate love for God and a constant awareness of His grace is their heritage and that neither mediocrity nor legalism has a place in our family line. I want my children to love God's Word and discover the life, healing, and power within it. I want my children to love people and treat them with compassion and kindness .... I want glory to come to God through my children"

Sometime after having Colton I had a business associate email me congratulations and in his email he ask me what I thought a the time a really thought provoking question: "how would you like Colton to serve the world?" ... my first response to myself was " I do not want him to serve the world, only serve our Lord"... however, I understood what he meant by the question and decided to blog about it in our family blog... you can find that by here: ... I will share that post in this blog later. I think it is something for all parents to think about though and write those thoughts down... I plan on having it printed up and framed for Colton's room.

Let's move on...

I'm appreciative of how Beth elaborates on "the greater yes" - if "the greater yes" is what we are seeking then this is why it is so important to pray for God's will to be done in our lives. Even if deep down that is not our desire in particular situations/prayer request - God is able to change our desires. I know I have had to ask him to do that in my own life... make my desires be what he desires for my life.

In my own church fellowship right now it seems like illness and cancer is haunting almost every pew. At times it becomes overwhelming to think about... My husband and I counted up 10 people that we know of at this present time, within our church family that has cancer. Ultimately there will be some that are healed here on earth and there will be other who will receive their healing in heaven. Beth does a great job of hitting this subject in the homework tutorial for this book...
"we just do not know why God physically heals some and not others. We can know without a shadow of doubt that the issue is not a lack of divine love or kindness. Many eternal factors are involved that we won't understand until we see Christ face-to-face. Until then we must not lack faith for the healing of many because we don't see the healing of all"

For a greater understand do some supplement reading about Paul in Philippians 1:20-27

We have to walk by faith - and in walking by faith we are "freed to know that my God is huge and my God is able and that if I don't get what I asked, if I'll cooperate, I'll get something bigger".

I think sometimes when we think of miracle we seem to think of someone being healed of cancer or some other life threatening illnesses. Miracles are on all different "levels" - we just have to be watching for them!

Faith Journaling:
Pour out your heart to God over someone you love who could use a miracle of healing. Tell God the desires of your heart and ask Him how He would have you pray. Ask Him for the faith to believe that He is God; that He can do what He says He can do; and that if He does not grant the requested miracle, He will grant a greater one.

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