March 4, 2010

Chapter 7 - Believing You Are Who God Says You Are

March 4, 2010
I really like this chapter because it definitely hits home for me and I am sure for most women. Beth talks about how we sometimes make poor decisions in an effort to be accepted by others and talks about dealing with our insecurities. I almost wish she would have spent an entire chapter just dealing on "dealing with our insecurities. I know for myself this is something that I struggled with for a long time and it really came to a boiling point in my second year of marriage. See, I was looking to my husband to meet every need in my life... physical, emotional, and even spiritual at times. I had always been an independent young woman, making my own decisions. So when I got married - at a very young age I might add... Chris and I have been fortunate to have a great marriage, but I do not think anyone is prepared to be married at 20 and 22, however thats another topic for discussion! Anyway, once I got married and had this wonderful husband who wanted to take care of me, and did a great job I might add - I all of a sudden found myself so dependent upon him. When I finally realized it, and realized what type of strain it was putting on our marriage I had to immediately go to him and apologize. I was looking for Chris to meet every need in my life when I should have been looking for our great Heavenly Father to do so! This all played out due to my own insecurities and me looking to Chris completely to make me feel better about myself - talking about pressure!

Being a woman and a mother for some of us, it is so easy to get filled up with different insecurities. "Is my house clean enough?" ... "what will they think about what kind of parent I am?" ... "will they think my child is well behaved?" ... this all plays out in so many ways all the way to the petty "what will she think about what I'm wearing?" ... oh yuck! Isn't that gross to admit that we sometimes feel that way!? I even tell Chris that his clothes have to be nicely pressed because that is a reflection on me... how crazy is this! ha!

So anyway... we all have them - insecurities!... and I would say for the most part we all struggle or we have struggled at one point or another in looking for acceptance... when in reality we should just be looking for the acceptance of God.

I tell my teenage Sunday School girls all the time "you are a CHILD OF GOD... and HEIR TO THE THRONE... a CHILD OF THE KING" ... We are all God's creation, but if you have accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior you are his child!!

When you're feeling the attack of the devil I urge you to out loud proclaim "I am a Child of God! The heir to the throne and a Child of THE KING!!!"

In love we are:
  • Blessed - to be of good fortune
  • Chosen - one who is the object of choice or of divine favor : an elect person
  • Adopted - to take by choice into a relationship
  • Favored - provided preferential treatment
  • Redeemed - BLAMELESS!... freedom from what distresses or harms, freedom from captivity.
  • Forgiven - to be granted relief a debt (the debt of our sin)
Spend your journaling time today asking God to help you become a one-thing person. Talk to him about areas in which you desperately need simplification. Conclude your journaling time by asking God to empower you to "follow hard" after Him and to preserve in "pressing on" ... being who He says you are!!

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