June 25, 2010

Baby Dedication

June 25, 2010

Sunday was not only Father’s Day, but it was also baby dedication day at our church. I was amazed by how many babies there were to be dedicated. I think I counted at least 10! When Colton was dedicated he was one of only 4.

Baby dedication is so special. Dedicating a child acknowledges God’s sovereignty not only over the child, but also over us the parents. It is in this moment that we are presenting our child before God and His people asking for grace and wisdom in carrying out our responsibilities as the child’s parent. Chris and I also went praying that Claire would one day trust Jesus Chris as Savior for the forgiveness of sin. It is our desire that she as well as Colton live their life for Christ.

“Listen, Israel: The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! You must love the Lord your God with your whole mind, your whole being, and all your strength. These words I am commanding you today must be kept in mind, and you must teach them to your children and speak of them as you sit in your house, as you walk along the road, as you lie down, and as you get up.Deuteronomy 6:4-7

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