June 7, 2010

The Birth of Anna Claire - Part 2

June 7, 2010
Chris and I laughed and giggled the entire car ride to the hospital. It was just so weird knowing we were going to have a baby today and were totally calm about it. I guess that is what it is like when you have a planned c-section or planned induction. We bee-bopped into the labor and delivery area like it was no big deal… the nurses were cracking up because they were told by my OB that she was sending us over and I was 7cm – so they had been expecting me for a while.Chris and I got checked in and the fun began. Against my better judgment my OB broker my water around 5:30 (that’s for a different post, but I’m just not a fan of breaking waters)… once my water was broke the contractions started moving along.

I felt so much more prepared this time around. Now Chris and I had read our books twice (Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way & Husband Coached Childbirth) … practiced our exercises and oh yeah, we have already had one baby!! With Colton once I arrived to the hospital it was as if everything I had learned went out the window so this time around I was more prepared to not let that happen. I had to spend 15 minutes each hour hooked up to the monitors, but once my 15 minutes were up Chris and I were up and walking the hallways. It’s an understatement to say that Chris kept the mood light – he was a jokester the whole time! At one point I was struggling to make it through a contraction because he had me laughing so hard. Chris was such a champ the entire time… he held me up when I couldn’t stand on my own, he kept cool towels on my head, rubbed my back for 3 hours straight, and talked me through each contraction.

Eventually (not sure of the time), the contractions were increasing and I managed to find a comfortable relaxed position in the bed so I stayed there for the remainder of my labor. It’s important to not be flat on your back and also important to find a position where your entire body can be relaxed. The initial instinct in labor is to tighten up, squint, maybe even scream and punch something (ha ha) … but if you find that comfort zone and get your mind in the right place you can totally work your way through the pain. Between the Lord, Chris, and the techniques that I had learned through the Bradley Method I managed to make it through the birth of Anna Claire without an epidural. As crazy as it sounds I spent about an hour or so doing lots of mental imagery of riding on waves… it really helped!!

I knew immediately when the baby was ready to make her debut … to spare everyone the details I will keep it short. With Colton I had a hard time with the labor portion – from 4cm to 10cm I really struggled to keep it together and at about 8cm I was screaming for drugs ;). At that point my midwife stayed with me and worked me through the final 2 centimeters. When it was time to push it was such a relief. This time around I worked through the labor much better… I managed to stay calm and collected. To pushing this time was more intense, but it only lasted 10 minutes!! Yes, 10 minutes! I couldn’t believe it… but I wanted it over and I wanted it over fast! I had one of the best nurses in the room anyone could ask for. I have no clue who it was, but she stood over in the corner (she was a nurse for the baby) and cheered me on the entire time.She really helped me more than she could ever imagine. It was so elating to have such positive energy around me at that moment – childbirth (for me) was the most amazing surreal experience ever… I felt like I was on top of the world!

When Colton was born the first thing I ask Chris was if he had all his fingers and toes. He has always got a big kick out of that. So this time, I ask Chris if she was ok and he said, “yeah, she just has 11 toes, but she is fine”.

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