June 30, 2010

You Know You're A Mom When....

June 30, 2010
I am still getting use to the fact that I am a mom of two! Running errands are impossible now because I have a 6 week old and a 2 year old. I'm working on Claire falling asleep on her own and getting on a good schedule so I try to keep her at home as much as possible. Also, trying to get two kids in and out of the car in the heat is enough to completely exhaust you! I do love being a mom though - each day is a joy!

In light of all that I have decided to resurrect an old post and ask you to add in your favorite "you know you're a mom when... moments"

You know you're a mom when...

1. Its noon and you realize that you still haven’t brushed your teeth or had breakfast!
2. Life is planned according to a nap schedule
3. You’ve caught spit up in your hand.
4. You sing the ABC’s in your sleep… grr!
5. You cannot remember what it is like to get more than 4 hours of sleep at a time.
6. You not only pack your little one an extra set of clothes on an outing b/ you pack you an extra set.
7. Your purse contains pacifiers, diapers and wipes. (I also carried ‘Tucks’ for a while too… ha)
8. Your kid’s clothes are better than yours.
9. You get excited over a dirty diaper!
10. You realize that being a mommy is the hardest job ever!

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