July 11, 2010

Approaching Eight

July 11, 2010

As Chris and I approach our eight year wedding anniversary (yes, 8 years!!) I am continually amazed that the Lord picked ME to be his wife! I think about where we've been and what the Lord has done - it absolutely amazes me! What started as two teenagers in youth group has led to 8 wonderful years of marriage with 2 little ones... hard to imagine.

So just in case you're interested here are a couple of fun facts about us:

How/Where did you meet? Church Youth Group

Who pursued who? - Definitely Chris! For 6 months ... then I saw him talking to another girl and that did it for me! HA!

How did he propose? On the church altar during a new years eve/new years prayer service. It was amazing... I still get goose bumps when I think about it!

How old where you when you were married? Really young!! Probably too young for most!! Chris 22 & Summer 20

Social Butterfly or intravert? - I am definitely the social butterfly and Chris is for sure the intravert, however he has come a long way!

Occupations? Chris is the Director of Marketing (and jack of all trades) at Brooks Furniture & I am the mommy extraordinaire & COO (I will let Chris be the CEO... wink wink) of the Brooks household (formally a Mortgage Broker).

College? We both went to UT, Chris has a B.S in Marketing and also has his MBA, I have a B.S in Finance.

Who gives in first? Me! Always me! ha! I'm curious what Chris would say!

Favorite Movie - Chris is definitely Tombstone and mine is Pretty Woman

Pets? Nope... too much trouble!

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