August 10, 2010

Friends... Pregnancy.... Babies

August 10, 2010
Yesterday I packed up Colton and Claire and headed out early to spend the day with a great friend and her two girls! It was so nice to be in her company and to see Colton and Iris play together even though he was a bit of a bully pushing her around - which was so strange because I had never seen him act like that before. Chris says he was just being a boy, but none the less I didn't like it.

Christine is one of my dearest friends. She is possibly one of the easiest people on the planet to have a conversation with. Anyone who knows her would agree. She is sweet, funny, so caring and not a judgmental bone in her body. She is a hard working mom of two and I often ask myself how she does it while keeping her sanity! We first met while working retail together about ten years ago. We spent a lot of time having dinner together with our hubbies and even went on vacation together. I had the wonderful privilege of being a part of her wedding in Washington State. Needless to say we have seen each other through some big events!

It wasn't long after getting pregnant with Colton that I got a call from her saying she might be pregnant! It was so exciting going through our first pregnancy together. It was nice to have someone that close to you that understood what you were going through and that continued when we both gave birth to our firstborn babes. Iris made her debut exactly 11 weeks after Colton. The fall after Colton's birth we spent almost every Monday with Christine and Iris in Knoxville shopping, eating, and lots of girl/baby talk. We soon found the most convenient places in the mall to nurse and had our shopping routine down to a science. We went from newlywed (baby free) friends to toting our infant carriers and strollers through the mall. We had lots of fun that first year of motherhood figuring everything out together.

Around Iris' first birthday Christine found out that she was expecting. I think anytime you and your spouse are not "actively trying" to get pregnant it is a little bit of a shock when you do - and I'm sure an even bigger shock when you realize your babes are going to be 20 months apart. It was at this point that I knew I wanted to wait longer to get pregnant with our second. As you know by now, the Lord (and Chris... haha) had different plans. I honestly do not think Christine was surprised one iota when I told her I was pregnant. She went a week over her due date and I went 11 days early so now our beautiful baby girls are only 3 weeks apart! Yesterday was the first day we had all four of them together at her house for our ritual Monday trip to Knoxville. We didn't brave the mall with all four of them, but we certainly had a good time. Christine captured a couple of sweet moments with our four little ones!

When I was in the hospital in labor with Claire Christine called to remind me that if I had Claire that day that all of our babies would have been born on a Wednesday... no pressure though ;) ha! So here are our Wednesday babies!

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