August 11, 2010


August 11, 2010
Milestones - markers of reaching an identifiable stage are huge when you become a parent. I try to always give God the glory for each milestone in my children's lives and my own for that matter - big or small. I feel so blessed each day that God has allowed me to be a mom to two of His children. He has trusted me with this task, this responsibility and I do not take it lightly.

Before having children of my own I never understood why birthdays or other general "age" milestones made parents sad. I am sure it was just a combination of my handsome little man turn 2 and having just brought home our little girl, but the evening of Colton's second birthday I was a total mess! A mess I tell you! It was a busy hectic day starting with his 2 yr old checkup and a vaccine that I went against my gut and got it anyway (thats for another post) and ended with my Christopher and I sitting on the couch watching a slide show of the past 2 years that he had put together to music. Once the tears started flowing they just wouldn't stop. I could not believe that 2 years had passed since we first brought him home and that little itty bitty 6 pounds 12 ounce newborn was now a 24 pound bouncy (literally) toddler!

Here are a few pictures from our "Backyardigan Style BBQ"

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