August 22, 2010

Wedding Dress Recycling

August 22, 2010
Every girl dreams of her wedding for what seems to be a lifetime. You dream about the man you will marry and the venue and how spectacular your wedding dress will be. It was no different for me... Chris and I were young when we got married, but we knew without a doubt that God had created us for each other and that this was His will for our lives. The moment he proposed wedding dresses started floating through my mind! I looked through magazines and catalogs non stop until I found what I thought to be THE ONE! It was a plain simple dress with nice beading around the edges... I'm a plain simple kind of gal so I thought it was perfect for me. So naturally when my mother and maid of honor and I went wedding dress shopping this was the first dress I tried on. I made my way out of the dressing room, up onto the podium turned around looked into the mirror and knew right away that this was not the dress! ha! I was so disappointed. I thought this was going to be an easy process. ummm.... no! Several hours later still dress shopping my mom kept mentioning a certain gown that she loved and I would not give it a second look for one because of the price and for two because it was so fru fru! To make my mother happy I tried it on. When I saw myself in this dress I fell in love with it instantly and knew I had to have it!

Chris and I have been married for eight years now and I am so tired of seeing this beautiful wedding dress hang in its bag in my closet. I did not like the idea of preserving it in a box for so many different reasons. For one once its in the box then it is "stuck". So I have been in search of ideas for what to do with it. My husband says "sell it" and for me that just isn't even an option. I'm not sure why we are women grow these attachments to material items, but there is not way I could let go of my wedding gown.

So I am curious what others have done with or plan to do with their wedding dresses! Share please... I need some ideas!!

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