October 16, 2010

Prayer Journaling

October 16, 2010

I love to keep a prayer journal; it’s a great way for me to organize my thoughts. My mind has a tendency to wander during my prayer and bible study time so journaling helps me to focus. The thing I love most about keeping a prayer journal is to be able to look back and see the specific prayers that the Lord has answered! Over a year ago I had been specifically praying for 6 couples who were all trying to conceive. Now 5 of those couples have babies! How great it is to be able to go back and mark those prayers as answered.

Prayer List: Sometimes your prayer list can get a little overwhelming and you may feel like you cannot find adequate time in prayer when trying to pray for everyone on your list every day. This is where breaking your prayer list up into groups will help. For example, you may use Monday to pray for your family, Tuesday for your church family, Wednesday for the lost, and so on… This has been super helpful to me.

I have a pretty simple method to prayer journaling that may help you. Book studies are a great way for me to study my bible. While doing my book study I often write down thoughts, specific points that stand out or certain scriptures that relate to what I am studying.

A Life Application Study Bible is my favorite tool to use when just doing bible study – I have the New Living Translation. I will usually read a chapter and then read the sub text that goes with that chapter. In the subtext you will find answers to:

· What does this passage really mean?

· How does it apply to my life?

· What do these ancient cultures have to do with today?

· What’s going on in the lives of these Bible people?

Afterward I will try to journal about the passages I have read.

Finally, I use my journal for praise and personal confession. If you do not have a journal I want to encourage you to go out and get one and put it with your bible. I promise you will not regret it!

God Bless!

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