December 16, 2010

Colton's First Christmas .... Remembering

December 16, 2010
I have been going through old photos making a Christmas gift for Chris' grandparents and also trying to back up all my photos.  In doing so I ran across photos of Colton's First Christmas.  I remember this time just like it were yesterday.  Colton was 6 1/2 months at his first Christmas and so full of life.  Prior to children Chris and I participated in what I would like to refer to as "The Christmas Marathon" - going to too many homes in a 2 day period!  Post children we have slowed down and thus been able to enjoy the holiday a little more.

Here are some wonderful photos from Colton's first Christmas - our first Christmas as a family of three!

I was trying to get a picture of him and he just wanted to get the camera
Opening gifts at Nana's (Chris' mom)
Such a happy boy!
Snoozing while we finish opening gifts!
Claire would never do this... for one she will not really take a pacy!
Even though we have decided to "not do" Santa we still wanted to get a photo for his first Christmas.
We did the same for Claire this year (Colton wouldn't get out of the stroller - he wanted nothing to do with the big guy!)

Mickey Mouse was his first Christmas gift from Poppy & Nanny.
It is one of Colton's favorites now!  He sleeps with it every night!
I forgot how short I had my hair!
Colton was baby Jesus in our church Christmas program.
He did a great job and didn't make a peep.
I was so overwhelmed thinking of how Mary, the mother of Jesus must of felt knowing that she has given birth  to The Savior!  I often think about what lullaby's she must of sung him.

Christmas Sunday at Church.

We are looking so forward to Claire's first Christmas!

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