December 6, 2010

The Great Santa Debate - Update

December 6, 2010
So I received a lot of buzz about "The Great Santa Debate" blog post. I received this message from a friend and mentor:

Last year our pastor and his wife who have taken the same approach to focusing on the real birth of Jesus and not the story of Santa had a complete run in with their first child's baptist pre-school. The pre-school was angry with them because their son (who was a first year in pre-school) with honest sincerity kept telling the teacher there is no santa when she was trying to really play it up with the class. The school made the biggest deal about it and was really mad at the parents for their son not playing along. He is so sweet and was just being honest. He didn't understand why they were all trying to "Be good" so santa would bring them presents and "sprinkling reindeer food" out for Santa's reindeer, etc. They ended up just not returning to pre-school after the holiday break because they were osterisized so much over it. It was really a tragedy because she just tried to avoid Santa and the school just made it such a part of their crafts, etc.

This is just sad and absurd on so many levels!


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