December 18, 2010

Mom by any other name...

December 18, 2010

We may live in different regions of the United States or even outside the US, we may be from different religious backgrounds or even ethnicity.  Some of us have a small family while others have a nest full.  Many of us co-parent with our loving spouses while many of you are the mother and the father - but the one thing remains the same - We are Mom, Mother,Mama, Nene, Majka, Nana, Mor, Moer, Madre, Mutter, Mam, etc... whatever your child so sweetly (or sometimes not) call you.  We stand together blessed beyond measure!

I recently started a discussion here entitled "You Know You're a Mom When...." and here were some of the responses from some fellow mommy bloggers (check out their blogs!)... I can, and I am sure you can too, relate to almost all of these!

  1. Any little noise your children make in the night you are up and checking on them. Even if they are 16 and 18
  2. You cease to care if you get a Christmas present because you'd rather the money be spent on the kids!  Esther author of Laugh With Us Blog
  3. When you get back home, put away ALL your shopping and realize you didn't buy a single item for yourself.  Hilda author of from me to you - a blog about giving love in many different ways
  4. You spend YOUR birthday at McDonald's so the kids can enjoy it, too! :)  Cookie author of "Mommy's Home!"
  5. You try to fish your cell phone out from your purse. Instead you grab hold of a sock, a plushie, or a random object belonging to your child that he or she had somehow managed to hide in your purse.  Dee author of MOMMYFUL
  6. You only have one pair of jeans because you are so tired of shopping by the time you shop for your kids; you just want to go home!!  Danielle author of Parenting For Less
  7. Your child is wearing nicer clothing than you.  This is the story of my life lately. I look like poo and he's a stylish little dude.  Hockey Wife author of A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife
  8. You lock your keys in the car because you are getting a prenatal test at the hospital and your 2year old has you all wacky.  You then have roadside assistance pre-programmed into your cell, thank gosh!  All the while you are stressed about picking up your 12 year old from the dance and what time your 14 year old gets out of wrestling practice!!  And all of this is normal and part of your day...and you are STILL excited to have JUST ONE MORE???  Meredyth author of Journey 2 Health
  9. When you gladly pick the yuck out of their nose, so they don't do it themselves and..... (You know!)  You wear the same 2 sweatshirts all winter with the one pair of pants you own..And then you remember that you have had those same 2 sweatshirts for about 12 years.  Jeannie author of The Polka Cabana
  10. When a really great date includes a nap.  Alessandra author of Lala's Tribal Times
  11. Your husband asks you where you want to go to dinner, and you reply "Souper Salad!".  Melissa author of A Heavenly Journey
  12. Your toddler begins to vomit and without hesitation you reach your hand out to catch it so none of it gets on her....all the while telling her, she will be okay in a cheerful, this happens all the time way.  Heather author of The Meadows Family
  13. You know you're a mom when you're in a sound sleep or in another room and you can hear your child *not breathing.  You also know you're a mom when you can hear your child calling for you from school *mentally* and they tell you they did too.  ooohhh!!!  Mary Beth author of
  14. You know you're a mom when your purse contains lots of Kleenex (fresh and not-so-fresh), diaper rash cream, spare nursing pads, and several crayon notes that say "I luv you mom"  When three hours of sleep in a row is something to celebrate.  When you organize your plastic cups by color so that SOMETHING in your life will look orderly!
  15. You can't remember the last time you put on pretty underwear or blow dried your hair.  You find weird crusty things in your hair and on your left shoulder.  You lose your mind if they don't listen to you or lick the wall in the doctor's office, but it is okay if they throw up in your hands or on your bed.  Theresa author of A Mountain Momma
  16. You lament the fact that women's jeans don't come with reinforced knees because you just put a hole in your 3rd pair this month from crawling around with your 8-month-old.  You find yourself detailing what you will do next on your grocery list out loud...and this time the cart is empty because you left the kids home with Daddy!  You cry every time you hear about the death of a child.  Every time.  Every child.  (Sorry.  It's true.)  The mommy author of Long Daze Short Years
  17. When you will do anything to help, nuture and love the little being you created.  Author of  BE POSITIVE MOM
  18. You find bags of breast milk from 6 months ago in your freezer and feel sick at the thought of having to dump it.  After all you worked DARN HARD for those 6 ounces! When you find out it is ok to give your baby {who has been on formula for the last 6 months} those 6 ounces of breast milk, it is the highlight of your week.  Comparable to winning the lottery!  When you literally jump up and down the next day when you find yet another bag of breast milk in the freezer!  Kelly author of Smedley Family
  19. Your child, who is sleeping with you, throws up on your chest and the first thing you think is that you are glad it wasn't on your husband because then you would have to clean up after him too.  Elizabeth Life With A Princess and A Hobbit
  20. You know you are a mom when your relaxing bubble bath turns into the perfect time to clean bathtub crayon markings off of the sides of the tub.  Author of The Frugal Free Gal
  21. You ask your husband to call your cell phone once a day, because your 17 month old daughter ran off with it again.  I have found it in the toy box, garbage can, and yesterday inside a pot in the kitchen cabinet..... Someday I will remember to put that phone out of her reach.  Until then I will just drive myself crazy daily!  Lauren author of I am THAT Lady
  22. You think it's totally normal to discuss whether or not your toddler (who has horrible chronic constipation) has went poop today and if it looks soft enough that she doesn't need her medicine tonight.  Elizabeth  Life With A Princess and A Hobbit
  23. You pick your 4 year old up from Pre-K, and see green slime up the arm of his white sleeved shirt...You say "Umm...Did ya wipe your nose with your sleeve?" and he says " How did you know I did that?".....And, you don't even gag or barf....And, he still has that same shirt on hours later...  Tammy author of His + Hers + Ours = %*&^?*#$%
  24. You know you're a mom when you're not sure which one you're sadder about not having recently: a shower or sex.  Gina author of Fantasy casting
  25. Your friends call you because you have the local children's hospital phone number memorized.  You can sing the words to the potty video that all of your children have watched.  And then you start making up your own words to said tune.  You can describe your child’s poop without turning red because to you it's no big deal.  Angela author of The Alphabet Family
  26. The only sculptures on your mantle are made of lego.  It's a treat to wake up to only one child in your bed.  You don't remember the last time you went to the bathroom without company (or someone banging on the door).  Kristyn author of ABC and 1-2-3!
  27. You tell your coworker I will be back I need to go  potty
  28. You know you are a mum, when you wake at 7am and it feels like a lie in.  When you go to work to get a break.  When instead of a needing a lipstick close to hand in the car its baby wipes.  When bathroom and kitchen cleaner become important smells in your life.  When you realise its just easier to crawl in to bed with them.  When getting to eat vegetables without someone crying or pretending to vomit is a treat.  When just sitting down at 11pm is your personal time.  Caroline author of Day to day living in the nut house
  29. You know you are Mom when you go to bed earlier than your young adult children!  Joan author of Her Royal Joaness
  30. When you're sitting in a meeting at work and the Sponge Bob theme is ringing in your head.  Author of Jersey Diva Mom
  31. The words you use most throughout the day end in the "y" sound (i.e. poopy, dipey, potty, sippy, paci, owie, puppy, kitty, etc., etc.)  The rest of the words you use most often are doubles (night-night, tee tee, bye bye, num num, etc.)  Despite being totally non-athletic for most of your life, you are able to reach your crying child at with the speed and agility of an Olympic athlete. Melissa author of Tiny Greek Goddess
  32. You run toward the vomit, instead of away from it!  Brit author of Living With Three Boys of Our Own
  33. You're finally on a date with your husband & when dinner arrives, you ask him if his dinner is "yummy." 
  34. You dream car has 3rd row seating. 
  35. You make frequent and long trips to the bathroom not because you have to go, but just to get some alone time.
  36. You get a babysitter for the night & I want to rush home to clean while the kids are gone instead of going to a movie.

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