December 9, 2010

My Top Baby Must Haves

December 9, 2010

Here is my top 10 11 list in no particular order!

1. A good carrier – I love my BABYBJÖRN. I have used lots of other carries, but this is by far the most user friendly and the most comfortable that I have tried. I did not use the carrier as much with Colton, but now with having 2 children I use it a lot more – especially if I am out shopping by myself!

2. Aveeno bath products – once I discovered Aveeno baby products I have never used anything else! The normal baby wash that you find on the shelves at your local supermarket are so drying to a babies skin – even if they say they are not.

3. BabyWise/ Prepararation for Parenting – this is a must have for all parents! Especially all new moms and dads. I now always purchase this as a gift for new moms. It doesn’t just stop with good sleep these books cover it all and go all the way through the teen years. The website is super helpful too. I posted a question on there – had a contact mom get back with me and now for over a year her and I correspond about various parenting issues/questions. BabyWise is what you can find at most bookstores, the Preparation for Parenting series is the same thing only it has “Christian” content in it, which I definitely prefer. It helps you understand why you are doing the things you do or need to do – and from a Godly perspective.

4. Aden & Anais Muslin Wraps – I discovered these with Claire and I am hooked! I use them almost exclusively. They are perfect for swaddling and make a nice nursing cover because they are large and cool. They come in lots of cute prints and I am sure will last a lifetime! We have 10!

5. Boppy– for any mom who plans on breastfeeding you cannot live without your boppy! I even take it with me when were out shopping for the day and I know I will have to feed in the car. Buy yourself (or register for) an extra cover too!

6. Nursing Tank Tops – these will make your life so much easier!! My favorite is Gilligan & O'Malley because they are soft, comfortable, long and affordable!

7. Lansinoh Lanolin – for any mom who plans to breastfeed – this will save your life! Well, not your life, but you know what I mean!

8. Nightgowns – with a newborn I could not live without nightgowns! It just makes changing diapers in the middle of the night so much easier.

9. Good versatile diaper bag – a good diaper bag is a must. Granted I love a cute bag, but cute isn’t always the most functional. That was until I discovered the Fleurville Sling Tote. The bag is great! It easily wipes down and it is just the right size for you and for the baby. The bag also comes with great little clips so you can snap it onto the back of your stroller. This is really my favorite diaper bag.

10. A glider with an ottoman – I’m not a big fan of rocking, but I love a glider rocker. The gliding motion is much more soothing to me. There are so many different ones out there, from cheap to super expensive. My advice is to invest in something that will last and is comfortable! You need to sit in it before you buy it. Put your feet up and make sure it is comfortable. Also, check out the cushions and make sure that they will hold up. Of course, I have to like them since that is my hubby’s business ;)

11. A friend who has been there – what else can I say!? There is nothing like a girlfriend who can relate to what you are going through, can be a sounding board and is there to give you advice when you need it! I feel extremely blessed that my good friend Christine and I went through both of our pregnancies together!


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