January 24, 2011

{52 weeks} Week 3

January 24, 2011
Claire loves to clap... it is so cute!!

She turned 8 months old this week and I can hardly believe it!  
It seems like yesterday that Colton was this size!  
She is becoming such a big girl learning to hold her sippy cup all on her own!

No one can make Claire laugh like Colton!
He walks in the room and she lights up and just go nuts!
They already have a special bond.  If were going somewhere and Chris already has Claire in the car - Colton will ask "where is Claire bear" ... he wants to know where she is at all times - its like he misses her when she's not around.  For a while I could not leave him alone in a room with her for fear of what he might do - whether it be jump on her back or thump her in the head or try to give her "love" and thus hurting her.  Now he does such a good job with her and lots of times just ignores her and goes about his business.

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