January 31, 2011

Car seat Dilemma

January 31, 2011
Updated: Claire will not be ready for a "big" seat until the end of May ... so we will not be making the move until then, which at that time I am sure Colton will be over 30 pounds

Original Post:

Before long it is going to be time to move Claire into a more permanent car seat (tear!) and I have a big dilemma as to what I want to do!

We currently have the Recaro Como Seat (in midnight desert though):

and we absolutely LOVE it.  We have one for both vehicles.

This car seat is good up to seventy pounds which Colton is no where near... I would be shocked if he is thirty pounds yet!  So he could stay in this seat for a while and we could buy a new one for Claire or... we could buy this Recaro Booster for Colton:
This seat is significantly less expensive and it will last until he is 100 pounds - in my estimation he will be big enough for no booster by the time he out grows this one.

So I am curious about what others are doing/have done!
Has anyone used this booster???

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