January 26, 2011


January 26, 2011
I do realize that this post is LONG overdue, but better late than never - right?

Knowing how quickly the Christmas holiday comes and goes I put our tree up the second weekend in November and did not take it down until New Year's weekend!  We really enjoyed the tree and the lights, but I was definitely happy to get it down and get the family room put back together.

Every Christmas for the past 11 years I have woken up at my in laws house.  It has been a wonderful tradition for Chris and I and now we are sharing that with our two little ones.  When they get old I want them to be able to look back and remember how wonderful it was to wake up Christmas morning at Papaw and Mamaw's.  I will admit though that the day did not go as I wished - which with so many people, schedules and ideas that is to be expected.  That being said, we may do things a little differently next year.  I felt like the day flew by and was so hectic that it was harder to enjoy - next year I really want to slow it down a little... we will see how that goes! For now we can look back at pictures and remember just how hectic - and fun - the day was.

 Christmas Morning
 I love this picture!!
 This one is priceless!  Claire with her Poppy & Nanny (great grandparents)
Poppy does not like to share Claire - ha ha
 How many men does it take to put together a Radio Flyer!?
It was priceless how tickled Uncle Tom was when he walked in to find Chris in the floor putting this together... I am sure it seems like yesterday this was him in the floor putting together Christmas gifts.
 I think this may have been Colton's favorite gift!  A flash light set from Papaw!
 Not just one, but three flashlights!
 He loved his tricycle ... notice the flashlight and the boots - both Chrismas gifts that he had to try out!
 Ahhh... this is the life!  The bag - it had Colton's handheld flashlights because he was trying to hold onto to them and the handlebars at the same time.
 I think the "big kids" enjoyed the tricycle too ... Colton certainly enjoyed "trying" to push around Mitchell.
 My little book worm :)
 Colton was really more interested in trying to tackle and hug Evelyn than opening gifts.  I think he really just enjoys trying to "get a rise" out of her ... just like a man!
 Paul & Allison ... 
 The silly faces really work well for him!
 Claire really did not have much interest in Penelope :(
 But she did like the ladybug!
 Here he goes again!  Paul's face here is kind of priceless ... I think he is thinking he is going to show Evelyn haw to take Colton down! ha!
And of course the infamous UT vest that we all loved!

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