January 11, 2011


January 11, 2011
The one thing I dislike the most about getting older is dealing with the loss of loved ones.  This past week my husbands uncle, his mothers only brother, passed away unexpectedly and a great friend since 8th grade just lost her mother in law to a courageous battle with cancer.  If there is one thing I have noticed through losing loved ones of my own and seeing others do the same is that we all react differently.  I buried my father on father's day two years ago - I "lost" him long before that and hopefully the Lord will give me the courage and wisdom to write more appropriately about that at a later time.  Many most around me did not understand my reaction - I honestly think most of them would be more satisfied to see me belligerent and unable to hold myself together.  It actually was not me holding myself together, but the Lord holding me tight in his grip and giving me the strength to get through that difficult time.  My husband was in China when my dad passed away and if he would have tried to make it home he would not have made it until the day of the funeral (at the earliest) so I fervently told him to stay and finish out his trip - his work there was far more important than anything he could have done here for me.  My take control, get things done type of personality allowed me to get through that time more easily.  A girlfriend pointed out that that is a gift (that type of personality) and I guess she is right.

My husband's uncle was a wonderful man who was a picture of God's love.  If he knew you, you knew he loved you.  Throughout this ordeal that is the one thing that has been said over and over about him.  That is the type of person I want to be!  I want the love of Christ to shine through me!  With that "take control, get things done" personality I think that sometimes I can come across harsh or insensitive - which I have no problem admitting, but now I am working more on showing love.

My girlfriends mother in law was a fighter in all sense of the word.  She had battled cancer several years ago and went into complete remission only for it to creep its ugly head once again last year.  It was only a month ago that she was babysitting her only grandson.  From what others have said it was apparent that she was a loving mom, mamaw and friend.

In both of these situations the families have been at complete peace because they know beyond a shadow of doubt that heaven is real and that their loved ones are there worshiping at the feet of Jesus.  I pray that those of you reading this have ask Christ to come into your hearts as your personal Lord and Savior and that when you suffer loss that you too will experience the unspeakable peace that passes all understanding that only comes from our wonderful Lord.

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