January 12, 2011

A Love Affair... With Books!! ... and a giveaway!

January 12, 2011
Colton loves books... I mean he really really loves books!  So books he has loved a little too much as you can tell by the many taped up pages.  When he was still in his crib he would not want you to get him out when he woke from a nap, he just wanted you to put books in his crib so he could look through them.  Sometimes he would sit there in his crib for thirty minutes just flipping through books.  Now that he is out of the crib it is not unusual to find him in his room sitting quietly on floor doing the same.  Our nap time and bedtime routine always consist of at least two books.  Colton was an early talker, at 14 months he could repeat almost anything and by 18 months he was carrying on full conversations with you - I contribute much of that to him being read to early and often.

Since he has such a love affair with books I am always on on the lookout for new books.  I started a thread in a blog from community I'm apart of and received lots of great new book ideas:

Colton has tons of favorites, but among them 3 of his first favorites were and still are: First He Made the Sun,I Love You This Much: A Song of God's Love and What I Like About You

Giveaway: In honor of this post about books I have an exciting giveaway!  It is an autographed poster from Jan Brett's most recent book, "The Three Little Dassies"

The giveaway will run through Monday the 17th.  You will get one entry for leaving a comment, an additional entry for tweeting and/or mentioning this post on your facebook page (just let me know in your comment that you did so) with the possibility of 3 total entries.  Meanwhile, share your favorite children's books.

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