January 4, 2011

Quality Time

January 4, 2011

If you're like me the bulk of your day may feel like a scripted routine from the time you wake until you go to bed each night.  If there is anyone who likes routine it is me.  I frequently get made fun of or questioned because of my routine - my children are on a schedule with little (yes, little) flexibility, but this in my mind makes for a happy household - I guess all that can wait for another blog post  Because I do enjoy a routine I sometimes find myself in a rut and now spending enough quality time with my husband and children.  I think Wickipedia describes it best: Quality time (QT) is an informal reference to time spent with loved ones (e.g., close family, partners or friends) which is in some way important, special, productive or profitable. It is time that is set aside for paying full and undivided attention to the person/matter at hand.

One thing I find very important here is the term "undivided attention".  Being a stay at home mom I find myself trying to juggle so many hats at once.  Were home most of the day mostly everyday so our house is being "used" thus it is constantly in need of a sprucing up.  The dishwasher needed loads, laundry needs to be put away (my nemesis!), floors need vacuumed, beds maid up, and so on.  In between the "household chores" are the needs of my children and my selfish desires to blog, make hair bows, do my bible study (granted that should come first, but I will be honest and tell you it does not... I'm working on that) or do one of the other thousands of things I have floating around in my head that I want to do (edit photos, decorate my house (ha ha), organize another closet, working on church stuff, etc...). 

With Colton I have found that if I take the time to actually sit down and play with him one and one that he behavior is much better though out the day - not to mention he always seems to "love on me" more too!  That is always a huge bonus!!  This past year it has really hit me that my time with him at home is slowly starting to dwindle and so I am really trying harder to have that "qt" with him and during that time solely focus on him - not think about the email I just saw pop up on my computer!!

Claire only being an infant I thought I could get away with lying her down to play on the floor and getting on with my "chores" for the day forgetting that she needed that quality time too!  I have finally told myself that, "hey!  there is always going to be something the needs cleaned - always! - so enjoy your time with your children!!".  Colton received lots of quality time at this age and I do not want her to go without it, even if it is just rolling around in the floor with her.

Now comes the important part - the quality time with my husband!  See, this is where this blog post came to light!  Sometimes the quality time that I get with my husband is nothing more than packing his lunch in the kitchen in the mornings while he eats breakfast or laying in bed exhausted from our day trying to wind down so we can get a good nights rest.  At night after the children go to bed and he and I are watching the television I am bad to sit down beside him with my computer in my lap.  Initially I never really thought anything about it - but this past week it has hit me like a ton of bricks and has really broken my heart!  One night this past week we sat down and watched a movie together (something we use to do all the time), but this time it was different - this time I did not bring my laptop or my blackberry along.  It was just the hubs, me, a soft blanket and a comedy.  I barely made it through the entire movie because I was so tired, but none the less I made it - and it was the weirdest thing - I almost immediately felt all warm and happy inside (not that I wasn't before, but it was just different) - kind of like when you're dating ... you remember that feeling???  I have to tell you, it put me in the best mood for days!  Really, it did!  Chris had yesterday off and while both children were napping we put in another movie (Valentine's Day- a must see!!).  Generally, I would be up cleaning or do something on my computer, but no, I spent quality time with my husband and I enjoyed every second of it!

I have joked in the past that Chris and I have not been on a "date" since Colton was born (and it is sort of true), but now I realize that a date night does not have to consist of getting a baby sitter and going "out" ... it can be as simple as putting down the blackberry and renting a good movie!

So I urge all of you - do what you can to spend some quality time with the ones you love!

How do you choose to spend your quality time!?

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