January 17, 2011

stream of consciousness ... Monday style

January 17, 2011
Its Monday and I have a thousand things on my mind and a thousand things that I need to get done.... so please excuse all my randomness today!  Do you find that what you "want" to get done is often over shadowed by what "needs" to get accomplished?  Like the over flowing laundry or the dirty floors?  Yup, me too!

Since becoming a mom I have realized quickly that my purse/bag is not my own.  Proof of this: this morning I dumped the contents of my bag onto our dining room table because I knew it was in major need of a cleaning out.  The contents included:  big boy underwear (worn), baby spoon, 2 bibs, 4 pacys, a maxi, teether, mega block (just one - weird), 1 diaper, pretzels, under armor head band, cliff bar, and a whole package of unwrapped index cards - seriously!  Now I feel much better with a well organized bag.  Speaking of bags, I am really due for a new one (wink wink to my hubby who hopefully is reading this - big smile).

I have been pondering lately about how much I really want to share on my blog.  How much personal stuff am I really willing to put out there?  Part of me says to lay it all out there, but I'm not sure if I am ready for the reaction that will come from it... stay tuned to see what happens...

Quick question: do you sanitize your children's toy?  How do you do it???

I am secretly hoping for one more really BIG snow this winter!  I know, I'm nutso!  I just really want to take Colton sledding!

I found some awesome crafty blogs this past week - cannot wait to share them with my blogging "family".  Just realized that I have not posted any pictures from Christmas - I actually do not think I have posted anything about Christmas - how did that happen?

Speaking of Christmas - my wonderful hubby bought me a new laptop with a 17 inch monitor!!  I really loved my "old" laptop and was unsure if I could get use to this one, but never fear - I LOVE IT! .... and I LOVE LOVE Windows 7!!

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