January 24, 2011

stream of consciousness ... Monday style

January 24, 2011
Please excuse my total randomness... Monday’s are just kind of that way!

I am working on the week 3 of my 52 week "challenge" and I hope to have it up later today.  This weekend was a little busy.  What I thought was going to be a lazy Saturday lounging around that house turned into a full out weekend project.  I have been dying to go to Hobby Lobby and Chris wanted to go to Lowes and get some desperately need new lighting for our basement so off we went.  What started as just putting up new lights in th basement turned into us rearranging and cleaning out the entire room which took our entire weekend.  By Sunday night we were exhausted, but happy with our progress.

I've been in a "nesting" mood, sort of like when you're pregnant, but rest assured I am NOT!  I do have some surprising news about babies/pregnancy that I will share more about in a later post so stay tuned.

Claire is becoming more and more mobile which is just an over growing reminder that she is going to be a toddler in no time at all.  I know it sounds so cliché, but time has seriously flown by!  It seems like yesterday Colton was this size.  Lately I have been thinking about her first birthday which is not until May and Colton starting preschool which is not until August - both of which are stressing me out!  The anxiety I feel over Colton starting preschool is overwhelming at time.  I know it sounds silly to most, but when you are a stay at home mom and you are with your children 24/7 the thought of them being away is hard; at least for me it is hard.  So for now I am going to try to do better about focusing on the here and now and enjoy every little moment I have with them.  I do not know how working moms do it – I seriously do not envy them at all.  I wish all moms that desire to stay home could.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for some reason I am so looking forward to it.  Chris and I have never made a big deal out of Valentine ’s Day, but now that Colton is a little older we can have a little more fun with these menial holidays.  Pottery Barn Kids helps get you in the mood too – they have the cutest decorations!  Speaking of decorations I just received a canvas print that I ordered from Wink Flash.  I love canvas, but it is super expensive.  Winkflash was running a special so I ordered a 16x20 print of a photo from our Christmas photo session with my photographer friend Christine.  I am so pleased with the quality of the canvas and super excited at the fact that I only paid $35 for it!!  If you have some prints you want to adorn your walls then you need to check out Winkflash – right now you can get 40% off all sizes of canvas.

Now I’m off to figure out where I’m going to hang our print!

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