January 18, 2011

Team Work

January 18, 2011
"A dynamic process involving two or more people with complementary backgrounds and skills, sharing common goals and exercising concerted physical and mental effort in the delivery of services."

Most things in life cannot be accomplished as successful when we are trying to do it by ourselves than when we are working in a team.  This never holds more truth than in parenting.  I never thought of Chris and I as a "team" so much until we became parents.  When thinking of working together I always think about our kayaking trip the last time we went to Hilton Head ... I always get a big laugh.  My mother in law ask Chris' brother if Chris and I had a good time (seeing how kayaking was not our idea) and Paul's response was "well, they fussed at each other the whole time - so yeah, they had a great time!".  I would not have called it "fussing" it was more like Chris telling me to just forget about trying to paddle (I was making it more difficult) and he would just do it all himself.  I had never been in a kayak before and I was certain that at any moment I was going to topple over (my camera in tow) even though the guide insisted I would not.  Ahhh... fun times!

I had never before noticed the face Chris was making in this picture!  I guess that said it all! ha ha!
The "pros" - seriously paddling and videoing - ok you show off!  ha!  Love you Katy bug!
I veered off a little, but now let me get back to where I was going... Teamwork!  Chris and I make a terrific team (if a do say so myself) - we compliment one another very well and that has never been more true than now that we have two children.  Whether were preparing to go to church or get away for a weekend at the lake we can pretty much get everything together for a family of four without much discussion.  Chris has tasks that he takes care of and I have mine.  For instance, he always packs Colton backpack for church (snacks, water, books, toys, extra pull up, etc...) and I, well, I just try to get ready on time! ha ha!

We have a major routine in the evenings, not one that has ever been discussed, but just kind of fell into place.  I generally start bath time with Chris quickly behind me bringing towels and wash cloths.  I wash Claire and hand her off to daddy, while I wash Colton he is getting Claire dressed for bed.  Colton is finished up with bath time and prefers for his daddy to get him out - Chris does so while putting Claire in the floor to play and I go and make a night time bottle (we supplement Claire at night) - Chris feeds Claire (kind of their "special time" together) while I get Colton's pj's on, brush his teeth and use the potty one last time.  Colton is then ready for bed, but not before daddy reads, prays, and sings songs - they are so cute together at night.  If Chris is home there is no way Colton will ever let me do bed time :).  Usually by the time Colton is down I am just finishing up nursing Claire and Chris will love on her a few moments before I put her down.  Ahhh... and then some alone time - were usually exhausted and barely make it to the shower ourselves!  It's great though - its great to have team mate! ... someone who knows their every move and how to adapt in case the "play" has been changed up a little.

Our teamwork activities are not just at bath and bedtime, but in everything we do.  Going to Knoxville shopping, packing up for a weekend trip, and like I mentioned before Church.  The best thing about it is that no one feels like they are "doing it all" (at least I hope Chris doesn't feel that way b/c I certainly do not) and it has made me all the more appreciative for my husband.

There are also the "looks" - do you and your spouse have those?  You know, where all you have to do is look at each other a certain way and you know what each other is thinking - "its time to go", "do not let him do that!", "I love you" and etc...

Do you and your spouse work together as a team?  What type of things do you do to make your home run more smoothly?

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