February 7, 2011

52 Weeks {Week 4}

February 7, 2011
I realize I am really behind on posting this, but the last two weeks have been kind of crazy!
Colton had a rough week because cabin fever had really set in on him!  We had one day when it was not absolutely freezing so I bundled up his ears and sent him on his way!  He was so excited to get outside!

We visited with the Nichols one afternoon in Knoxville.  It was great to see everyone. I think that Colton enjoyed himself the most!  He played so well with Andrew and Anna!  It was so surreal for me!  I will hopefully share more on that tomorrow!

This was the week of milestones for our Anna Claire.  First, I walk in her room to see her standing up in her crib - a first for us!  She was so excited that she found something new that she could do.  Chris had to lower her crib down a level so she would not fall out.  Then I realize that she had 3 teeth that cut through!  3!!  For a total of five.  Colton cut teeth the same way and just as fast so this is to be expect.  Later that afternoon she suprised us all by crawling on all fours and following that up by attempting to crawl up the steps.  My newborn is not a newborn anymore :(

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