February 16, 2011

Beautiful Day On The Farm

February 16, 2011
Colton LOVES all things farm!
Chris' mom and step-dad live on a big farm in Virginia and fortunate for Colton Pap has a great big tractor!
Sunday it was so nice out we took a little time to visit with Nana and spend a little time on the farm.
Colton was too busy playing with all the buttons to look up for a photo.
 We played on hay bells... 
 looked for the moon ... 
 and took lots of fun pictures!
Colton did not want to go toward the house ... 
 until he saw mommy and daddy were heading that way!
 I love to see him smile!
 "I'm runn'in ... I'm runn'in"
 "shew, I'm tired" ... so daddy carried him the rest of the way!
"giddy up daddy!"


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