February 17, 2011

Run Jane Run

February 17, 2011
I love to run.  I love it so much that at least three days a week (this week aside because 3/4 of my household has been sick ALL week!) I am up at 5am hitting the road.

Among other things it is the biggest stress reliever ever!!  Here are a few other reasons I love to run:
  1. Its a big stress reliever.  When I'm running I can leave everything else on the pavement (dirt or even treadmill) and just focus on the finish line.  Sometimes I forget about the finish line and just go.
  2. Goal - I am a goal oriented person.  I like to set a goal and try my best to push beyond it.  Sometimes this causes me to obsess over my time, but that is part of the fun.
  3. Me time - it does not require a nice outfit or makeup.  It doesn't require my un-divided attention to anyone, but me.  As a stay at home mom of 2 and a wife of 1 it is rare to get me time, so the small amount of time I take to run is just all about me.
  4. Its peaceful - no computer, no blackberry and no children tugging at my skirt tails.
  5. My day ALWAYS goes better when I start it with a run.  Seriously, when I run I am up usually at 5am and running at the latest 5:30am - I get in a few miles and my day always goes better.
  6. Sweat - I love to break a good sweat... I feel like I have really accomplished something if at the end I have broken a good sweat and nothing does that like a good, long, hard run!
  7. It puts me in a good mood.  Summer who has ran -vs- Summer who has not ran ... definitely pick Summer who has ran!
So what type of exercise do you enjoy!?  What is a stress reliever for you?

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