March 4, 2011

Colton LOVES Puzzles!

March 4, 2011
Colton loves puzzles... really really loves puzzles.  His first puzzles were the wooden peg puzzles..  We had so many that we bought a metal storage rack to put them all in.  The puzzles have been a great learning tool.  Colton learned his abc's, numbers (1-10), shapes, and colors from just doing these puzzles over and over.

Now, almost 3 (tear tear) he still loves to play with these puzzles.  One of his favorite things to do is to make a "mess" with them and then ask me to help him clean it up.  It is almost a game for him.  He will come to me and say "momma make a mess with the puzzles?".  After I give him to go ahead he will go and turn over all the puzzles and the pieces in the floor in a big pile.  Then, I got and separate the boards and pieces for him and he then "cleans" it up, but putting the pieces in their rightful spot.  It is so funny how much he loves to do this.  I found some pictures from last winter of him doing just that:

Now his love for puzzles have evolved a little.  Colton's Pap bought him a big Dr. Suess floor puzzles that we keep at Nanna and Paps and for Christmas they bought him a giant farm puzzle.  It is a farm theme which is right up Colton's alley right now.  He currently has a love for all things farm related.  After getting this puzzle for Christmas he and Chris would sit in the floor and put it together almost every afternoon. Chris would do most of the work putting the main puzzle together and then Colton would put in the pop out pieces.  Now, Colton can put almost the entire puzzle together all by himself!  Seriously!  It has amazed me... here is my little man and his puzzle:

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