March 17, 2011

The Georgia Aquarium - Part 1

March 17, 2011
Last Thursday we traveled to Atlanta for a long weekend with some family.  While we were there we visited the Georgia Aquarium.  We had been wanting to go for some time, but wanted to wait until Colton was big enough to somewhat enjoy it.  The Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the world so we were excited to see what it had to offer.  We purchased a book about sea creatures prior to our trip so Colton could learn about the animal and know (as well as a 2 1/2 year old can) what he was seeing.

 It was so cold that morning so we were super excited to get inside!  Right away you are greeted with large tanks of beautiful fish.  Colton was in awe, but in typical Colton fashion he was very timid.  The tanks were so crystal clear that it felt as if you could reach right out and touch the fish.  Colton would not let Chris get too close and definitely did not want to touch the tanks.

 Claire enjoyed strolling around people watching...
 And she now "cheeses" perfectly for the camera!  It is so funny watching her snarl up her nose!  Colton use to do the same thing.  She is such a happy baby girl!
 Notice Colton clinging to Chris' shirt... Chris carried him until his arms were absolutely worn out!  
He is a bit of a daddy's boy and Chris is an amazing father - so loving.
 Colton finally started to warm up a little.  This was the most colorful display of fish.  This was located in the Tropical Diver Exhibit.  There were lots of colorful coral, tropical fish, sea horses, jelly fish and so much more.  You could download an "app" of sorts and as you traveled through out the exhibits you would give a "live" tour of sorts through your phone.  We did not do this, but I thought is was pretty cool that you could.
 The Georgia Explorer exhibit was the interactive exhibit.  This was a large pool of sting rays and small hammerhead sharks.  You were allowed to touch using the 2 finger rule.  Needless to say this area was packed with kids!
 We were so thrilled that Jonathan a.k.a "Johnny" joined us on our aquarium adventure.  Here Johnny was showing Colton how he could touch the stingray.  Colton really really wanted to...he would reach down like he was going to touch them....
 just to pull back right before he would touch it... I couldn't bring myself to touch them either! 

 Here is Colton and Daddy after crawling through one of the tunnels... it was so cute watching his hunch over mimicking Chris... He really liked this part. 

Daddy's arms needed a little break and Colton needed a snack so here he is enjoying the view from his stroller.  To be continued....

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