March 29, 2011

A good day

March 29, 2011

I will be the first to admit that I often underestimate myself as a mom – this has really been the case since adding a second child to the mix.  I am constantly reminding myself how hard it is to be out and about with two little ones and thus keeping myself from doing too much outside of the house.  My wonderful husband is constantly saying “ahhh Honey you can do it!”.  When he says this I often think, “he just does not realize how hard this is”, but all this time I think I was taking it the wrong way.  He was actually encouraging me and believing that I could do it, not saying that it is not that hard.  Make sense?  I know to some I must sound crazy, but when you have two children two and under who are on nap schedules (they like their sleep and momma like a schedule!) it is a daunting task to be out and about (in and out of the car) with them by yourself.  On top of that our “out and about” is usually an hour and half drive into the city.

On with my good day…

Claire has had a reoccurring cold and has been super fussy lately – on top of that she has been digging at her ears all the time!  She, just like Colton, is an early teether and is seeming to be a quick teether – 2 at a time (She just turned 10 months and she has 8 teeth)!  So I had chalked up the fussiness and the digging in the ears to teething.  After talking with a few friends and Chris’ great uncle who is an ENT specialist in NYC I thought it best to take her to the pediatrician to get her checked out.  My girlfriend Christine was off yesterday so late Sunday night we made plans to meet up at Chick-Filet after the doctors appointment – we could all have lunch and the big kids could play in the play area.

Of course I was not as prepared as I should have been yesterday morning, but I was determined not to stress out about the time.  I called and was able to get Claire into the pediatrician at 11:10, but I was hoping to make it sooner!  Sure enough we were at the doctors office around 10:30 (it is definitely a big deal for me to be early anywhere now that I am a mom of two!).  We were in and out of the pediatrician office in record time, about 30 minutes and with a good report none the less.  Claire only had a little ear wax build up and she was not happy about the pediatrician removing the wax, but I was relieved there was no ear infection.

We went to Chick-Filet had a good lunch and let the kiddos play.  My poor child is not too familiar with “play areas” in restaurants because we never go to fast food restaurants.  He was really timid so I had to help him climb up and then he mainly just stayed up in the top and played around – then when it was time for him to come down I had to go up and slide down with him.  Yeah, that would have been funny to catch on camera!  We stayed there about two hours – Christine and I small talked and just enjoyed one another's company while the two babies chilled in their strollers or hung out in our laps.  Afterward, I did a little shopping at Marshalls where my two were still as good as gold!

It may not sound very exciting to many, but for me, it was such a good day.  I was not exhausted and stressed out – I was able to relax and just enjoy a few hours out of the house.  The ride back was a breeze because both kids napped (Colton ended up sleeping until 6:30pm!) and I came home to a clean house because I picked up the night before – I hate coming home from an outing to a messy house!!

It was a good day and now I can tell myself – oh yeah, I actually can do this.  I can get out of the house with two little ones without losing my mind in the process!!


These two had a good time too!

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