March 21, 2011

Operation: Ditch the Pacy!

March 21, 2011
Yes, I am THAT mom!  I have a 2... ahem, almost 3 year old who still uses a pacifier!  We have always been strict with the pacy, only allowing it in the bed (at nap time and bedtime - when he gets up he has to leave it in the bed) - with the only exception being church because nap time falls right in the middle of church.

I know that we should have tried to ditch the pacy a long time ago, but to be honest the time never seemed right and now I have just procrastinated and he is almost 3!  Most say that you should get rid of the pacy by two years old, but that just did not work out for us... you want to hear my load of excuses why???  Okay, so Claire was due one week before Colton's second birthday - we knew that we were going to have to move him to a "big boy" bed because we wanted to use his crib for her.  Make the adjustment to a new bed and whole new room for that matter stressed me to the max!  I was so worried (she came 11 days early) about moving him to a different room and bed.  He was such a good sleeper and I was so worried the move was really going to disturb his sleep.  Also, around that time we were wanting to get to moving on the potty training.  I knew that I could not throw too many new things at a two year old a once - having a new little sister in the mix was going to be hard enough!  So... we decided to make the move to the big boy bed - which was almost flawless and to also make the introduction into potty training, but even that we did not really master until a few months later.  I did not want Colton to associate all these new things and changes with bringing this new baby into the mix and thus cause him not to like her... silly???  I just wanted all these transitions to go smoothly!  So basically we picked one "battle" (big boy bed, new sister, potty training, etc...) at a time and now here we are with trying to ditch the pacy!

We, well usually my husband, gather up the pacifiers frequently to sterilize in boiling water - so today I did that - threw away a bunch and all the rest I poked holes in the nipples ... for now this is our preferred method instead of going cold turkey!  We will see how it goes!!  Wish us luck!

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