March 6, 2011

Wagon Full of Fun

March 6, 2011
One of Colton's favorite things to do outside is to ride in his wagon.  We have a huge (and bumpy) front yard so he loves for you to pull him in the wagon and run through the yard - he says "run momma run" ... its so funny.  So during the warm and dry days we almost always go out in the wagon, run through the yard and pick up the mail.

Now Colton has a passenger:

 and she had so much fun riding along in his wagon!
 Colton was a helpful big brother trying to zip her jacket!
 Can you tell that someone just woke up and needed a serious haircut!?
 Again with the zipper!
 Big Smiles!
Claire was checking out the mail to see if there was anything for her!

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