April 28, 2011

Easter Baskets

April 28, 2011
I love the idea of Easter baskets…. I’m not really sure why, but nonetheless I do.  Of course we always want our children to understand that Easter is about the death and resurrection of Christ, but we still want to have a little fun too just like at Christmas we do not want them to be wrapped up in all the gifts, but we still buy a few.
I never remember getting an Easter basket as a child, but I do remember doing various Easter Egg Hunts.  Chris told me the same thing – he said he did not remember Easter baskets or even Easter Egg Hunts, but he does remember his stepmother always doing fun scavenger hunts!  Mamma Dale is pretty creative so I can totally see her doing scavenger hunts and making them super fun for her bunch!
So Easter morning before breakfast we went down to check the Easter baskets!  And no, we did not say, “look what the Easter bunny brought you” … did you read my Santa post!?
The two loved their gifts, but I think Colton was more interested in Claire’s books than the other goodies that were in his basket!
See… he’s a bit of a book worm and we love it!
Sam’s Club has the best selection of books!  They sometimes get in sets of 3 Dr. Seuss board books – the small ones like you see Colton reading here.  He LOVES them!  They are honestly our favorites because they’re easy to take with us to church or on errands and Colton quickly memorizes them so he entertains himself by “reading” them.
Claire like her books too!  I found some cute plastic Sesame Street books in the dollar bin at Target!
We play with sidewalk chalk almost daily so I was tickled when I found egg shaped sidewalk chalk!  Colton has already been playing with them outside – I also found those in the dollar bins at Target!
When I first saw the colored bubbles I was so excited and though how neat they would be… well then I heard through the grapevine that they are icky and messy and stain bad so we have not broke those out yet and not sure it we will!
All in all it was a great morning and we actually made it out of the house on time!!

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