April 5, 2011

Meeting MckMama

April 5, 2011
I have been looking forward to today since booking our photo shoot.  Things worked out perfectly for the “MckFamily” to come right through Knoxville and Jenn was gracious enough to stop in Knoxville to do a quick photo shoot!

It was an early and hectic day – more about that later – but we arrived at the Botanical Gardens in Knoxville just in time to meet some other MckMama fans!  It was so much fun meeting someone who was just as excited as myself to meet her (and hopefully her family).

Then there it was!… Happy Wheels!


I was so excited to see if pull up – you would have thought I was meeting George W. (you would just have to know me) -  I waved my arm off to MckDaddy (Israel) who was in the drivers seat and ran up to give MckMama a great big Tennessee welcome!  I’m a hugger!! – Why my hubby did not think to get a picture I don’t know… :)

I had been worried about the weather – we had terrible storms yesterday, but it cleared up and turned out to be a gorgeous day!  The wind was quite chilly, but no one seemed to mind too much.
I wish we would have had more time to just sit and chat, but she was a busy lady with people just like myself looking forward to their time with her.  Jennifer was as gracious and kind as I imagined her to be.  In the short time we were with her she said some really sweet encouraging things to me that meant so much – there is nothing like a mom encouraging another mom!

DSC_0037 - Copy

Thanks MckMama for gracing us with a wonderful photo shoot – and thank you for continuing to share your journey with so many of us!  You and your family are in our prayers continuously!  Enjoy your time in Tennessee!!  Go Vols!

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