April 22, 2011

Meeting the Msc’s

April 22, 2011
Last week I got to meet MckMama’s little ones.  I will admit that I wanted to meet little Stellan whom I had prayed for like he was my own.  I did not get to see the children when we had our photo shoot, but there was a small window one day when I had the opportunity to meet the entire clan.  Stellan is a true miracle and a true testament to the wonders of our great Lord.  I think MckMama had told them about me and that I was coming to see them.  When I got there they were the friendliest kids ever!  Seriously!  There were all super outgoing and immediately gravitated toward the baby, especially Small Fry.  I will be honest and tell you that the pictures that her mother puts on on her blog do this little girl no justice – she is absolutely beautiful – and those eyes – well I did not touch up my photos AT ALL so her eyes are really THAT BLUE!  She is seriously such a beautiful and sweet little girl and was excited to hold Claire.
Stellan was not up for pictures, but Nuggey was.  He was such a funny little guy and reminded me so much of one of my nephews, Mitchell.  He gave me big hugs and was all for taking a photo!
When I met Stellan his mom ask him, “Stellan what happened to your SVT” and he respond “its gone” and then he said, “you prayed for me”.  Ahhh … he melted my heart!  Stellan already has it instilled in him that prayers are what brought him through and that the Lord is who took away his SVT.  I pray that he will use this miracle in his life to tell others about Christ as he gets older.


Summer Jo said...
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trooppetrie said...

this sounds amazing. I have always thought that they must just be as she says. too cute, love the pictures

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