April 11, 2011

Spring Day at The Lake

April 11, 2011
Saturday we went down to Papaw and Mamaw’s (Chris’ dad & stepmom) house and enjoyed the beautiful weather!  For various reasons we love staying here – its like our home away from home!  During the summer we are usually there every weekend.

It was so warm Saturday and soooo windy!  Check out their shirts and the water!  Papaw was down at the dock and Colton is certainly not going to miss an opportunity to go to the water so off we went – Claire and I lagging behind.
Like any young (or old) boy Colton loves to throw rocks in the water!
He and his dad threw rocks while Claire and I sat in the grass watching.
Colton is so sweet and such a little encourager.  He would wait and watch Chris throw a rock and then clap and say “great job Daddy!”.
The lake is not full yet so there were plenty of rocks on the bank to throw.
Colton would say, “ok Daddy your turn” – wanting Chris to get a rock and throw it.  Then he must of thought of a better idea… he would wait for Chris to get the rock and then say, “oh Daddy I will throw that one” … it was so funny!  He was getting Daddy to do the “dirty work”.  Ahhh… they learn to manipulate at such a young age!
Claire and I sat in the grass – she really enjoyed it – Colton hated the grass when he was this age!  She picked weeds in the grass and looked on as Daddy and Brother enjoyed their time together.DSC_0237
Days like this make me look so forward to summer time!  How are you spending your spring days?

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