May 12, 2011

A Guy and A Pick-Up

May 12, 2011


Do you ever hear a song and it immediately takes you back to an event or maybe just a time period in your life?  This use to happen to me all the time – I would hear a certain tune that was popular during high school and it would send me back in time in my mind to my days at my high school on the mountain. 

So the other day this my handsome hubby pulled into the driveway in this old rickety truck …


those hauling lights were staring me down and all of sudden a weird giddy smile came across my face.

See, this is the truck that my Christopher drove when we started courting/dating almost 12 years ago – 12 years this May – Claire’s birthday to be exact – even though we never said “ok were official” – that day is still a marking point for us. 


I remember in high school seeing this big thing barrel up around my hill (usually spotting the hauling lights first – everyone in town knew when he was coming b/c of those lights!) and into my driveway at home and instantly giddy and happy because it had been four or five days since we had seen each other.

So just for a moment the other day I was transformed back to a time of what I now realize to be sheer innocence.  A time when the Lord was preparing my heart to be a wife of such a wonderful guy…  Yep, I fell in love with a guy in a Ford pick-up!


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