May 25, 2011

Our MckMama Photos

May 25, 2011
We finally received out photos from our Jennifer Mckinney (aka MckMama) photo shoot!  I was super excited to get to see all of the photos, especially after seeing the sneak peek!
It is super difficult when doing a family portrait to have everyone looking and smiling at the camera all at the same time.  Well… from the looks of the photos the children did wonderfully and momma looked like a goof!  For some reason I was a complete cheese ball in most of the photos, but managed to take two or three that were okay.  We have a great one of every one looking at the camera smiling, but I look so horrible in it I dare not show it!  I know, vanity vanity…
SummerJo-19  SummerJo-20
The botanical gardens in Knoxville were a beautiful back drop for our photos.  You would think someone who had lived in Knoxville for years and in the surrounding area all her life would have known of this beautiful place, but I had no clue it even existed.  The drive there was not desirable and I would never suggest going out there alone, but the gardens were nice.
The photos above were the first of our shoot.  The sun had just come out and the wind settled down and at the point we were meltdown free.
This is definitely one of my favorites and will most likely end up in a frame somewhere in our home.
Jennifer managed to capture my children’s personalities perfectly.  Colton is so loving and you see that in almost all the photos were he is pictured with Claire.
SummerJo-47  SummerJo-44
The two pictures above are my favorites!  The one on the right may be my most favorite!  Now I just need to find a good wall for it to adorn!
SummerJo-29  SummerJo-33
I love this kid and his cute smile!  He reminds me so much of his daddy!
So yeah, I forgot Colton’s dress socks and as you can see he fell in the mud/grass… oh yeah and not to mention that the hang string (or what ever you call it) is showing in my shirt!!  You would think someone would have seen that and told me!  Oh well… it is what it is :)
SummerJo-61 SummerJo-62
I love all these pictures of Claire – I just wish I would have wiped the slobber from her mouth!  ha ha!  By this time the wind had picked up, the sun hid behind some clouds and it was cold!
I am having a difficult time deciding which of these of her is my favorite.
SummerJo-64  SummerJo-65
Colton and Claire both have the most beautiful blue eyes.  If I were a betting woman (and I am not) I would have put money on the fact that both of them would have had brown eyes!  You just always assume brown is dominant – Chris has deep brown eyes and my eyes are more hazel – nowhere near as blue as Colton and Claire’s.  He is such a handsome little dude if I do say so myself!

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