June 7, 2011

Birthday Morning

June 7, 2011
As I mentioned before we have a fun little birthday tradition that we started with Colton on the morning of his first birthday.
On Colton’s first birthday we were in Sarasota, Florida enjoying a wonderful family vacation so he woke up on his very first birthday in his pack in play.  Does he and Claire not look so much alike!?
This is Colton on his 2nd birthday waking up in his big boy bed!  He had just made the transition into his new bed a few weeks before and was also a new big brother – Claire was only 2 weeks old on Colton’s 2nd birthday!
And here is our little man on his 3rd birthday waking up in Papaw and Mamaw’s bed!  Yep, he slept with his grandparents for the first time on his 3rd birthday and yes, he still has a pacy!  To quote a blogger friend of mine – don’t judge! ha!  Were working on the pacy, but for now I am picking and choosing my battles wisely!
I cannot believe I have a 3 year old!


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