June 3, 2011

The Boys

June 3, 2011
This is our nephew Bryson.  For the first three years of his life Chris and I kept him every other weekend.  He was our first “child” love… we honestly could not have imagined loving any child more than we loved him.  Then we had Colton and well… you know how it is – there is no love like the love of your own child.
Bryson use to go everywhere with us… and if Chris and I were around he wanted nothing to do with anyone else!  We loved it and we love him!
Colton is absolutely CRAZY about Bryson… I’m not sure what it is though.  As with most kids there was a twinge of jealousy when Colton was born from Bryson.  Chris and I tried our darnedest to still give Bryson as much attention as we could when he was around, but naturally when you have your own it becomes harder to give your nieces and nephews the same amount of attention as before.  But for some reason Colton has always gravitated to “Brycee” (as Colton called him forever) and now Bryson does a great job at returning the love!
This is the boys driving the boat memorial day weekend… Colton could have cared less about the driving, he just wanted to be where Bryson was!


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