June 20, 2011

Cleaning Tips & Secrets Take 2

June 20, 2011

There still are so many good responses coming in from my previous blog post that I wanted to do another post to share:

  • Sarah author of Yes and Yes - My trick is setting a timer for 15 minutes when I get home and spending that time every day picking up.  I find that if I just flop down on the sofa, it kind of sets the tone for the whole evening.
  • Kristin author of BonBon Rose Girls - I stick lemon or orange peels down the garbage disposal to freshen things up down there!
  • Author of Dumb Mom - My one cleaning life saver is that I sweep my floors every day.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Entire house.  I'm obsessed and it's the only way to combat the Dude dirt and dog hair.   And once a week, I spray a little wood safe duster on my broom and wipe that around.  Picks up even more dust and makes the floors shiny too!
  • Elissa author of Lila and Lub  - makes he own cleaning wipes, check it out on her blog!
  • Kaye author of Parrot Health Care and Diet - I use white vinegar and water all the time.  It cleans grime, wine, grease, finger marks, anything and everything.  Depending on how bad the marks are I use 30/70 white vinegar and water. Baking soda is great to use with it if the mark is really stubborn.  Not only that it is a natural disinfectant.
  • Michelle author of Green Earth Bazaar - Dr. Bronner's soap.  It's great for everything - cleaning, laundry, body, you name it.  Here's my recipe for making your own all-purpose non-toxic cleaner with it. ;)
  • Cheryl author of Cat’s Holiday & D├ęcor Passion - microfiber cloths for mirrors....that's my tip,  no streaks
  • Shereen author of Shereen Travels Cheap - I find that hot water and vinegar are fantastic for cleaning the floors. Even better is it's safe to use if you have animals and it smells pretty fresh after you're done. this is also a good thing to use on your windows with newspaper...although I have now found that microfiber cloths are GREAT on windows as well as stainless steel surfaces and mirrors. They clean with just water and they never leave streaks. Amazing!


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