June 12, 2011

Cleaning Tips & Secrets

June 12, 2011

What mom out there is not looking for cleaning tips!?  For me it seems virtually impossible to keep my house clean – as soon as you get one room clean then there is a mess in another room… ahhh life with toddlers!  I recently ask a group of mom bloggers to share their cleaning tips and secrets.  Here is what a few had to say (check out their blogs if you have a chance:

  • Arlene author of Flour on My Face: My tip is did you know you can use plain old table salt to clean many things? I use it to clean the coffee stains from the glass carafe of my coffee maker. Just rinse the carafe out and pour about 1/4 cup of salt and and use a sponge to scrub the stains off.  You can also use it to scrub stains off your stainless steal sink.
  • Angie author of SevenClownCircus: My biggest cleaning tip?  Don't let it pile up.  Do a few minutes of cleaning each day so that nothing gets out of hand.
  • Lolli author of BetterInBulk: My cleaning tips and secrets?? Teach your kids to do the work at an early age. :)
  • Cara author of Totally Temberton - Charlie's Soap!  It is natural and it cleans everything.  I even dilute it for general cleaning and it still works great!  It can be used for dishes, laundry, and even bathing (not that I do, but it's nice to know I can)!  Our tub surround gets hard water stains from where the shower hits it, but Charlie's Soap cleans it very easily.  The trick is to wipe the stall down while the Charlie's Soap is still wet; otherwise, you'll get streaks as the soap runs down the walls.
  • Melissa author of Stockpiling Moms - I love flylady.com - if you keep up on your housework daily it never seems like a chore and always go to bed with a shined sink :-)
  • Amy author of His Treasured Princess - My BEST cleaning tip....Hubby cleans the toilet! And...all male members of the family SIT for their first morning "relief". (This makes this cleaning lady happy)
  • Author of As Seen on TV Shopper - I like using micro fiber mops over brooms. Much easier and I get the job done quicker.
  • Myrrh says - I keep baking soda and vinegar under my bathroom sink. I don't have to worry if the kiddos should happen to find them, and I am much more apt to clean the bathroom if the supplies are right there.
  • Chrissy D. author of Today is a Treasure - I love to shine my stainless steel appliances with a little olive oil on a clean dish cloth. It always gets the little finger prints and water spots. And totally agree on the magic eraser for the shower/tub! Makes it so much easier to clean up the textured floor!
  • Mari – author of Life in our Castle - I've recently started using Scrubbing Bubbles for both the shower and the toilet. It works marvelously.

Do you have some tips/secrets that you would like to share!

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