June 13, 2011

Colton’s Birthday

June 13, 2011

Colton had a great birthday.  We had family in that weekend so we spent it on the lake with all of them and celebrated Colton’s birthday at his Papaw’s house!


Colton loves all things farm animals so I thought it only suiting to throw a farm animal themed birthday party!  Here is Colton enjoying Pizza (that is his favorite) and the rest of us had yummy bar-b-q.


My favorite part of the entire day was when everyone sang happy birthday to him!  It made me emotional – I seriously fought back the tears!  We are so blessed to be celebrating another year!


I went back and forth forever on what to do for a cake.  Years past I have spent a small fortune on cakes that ultimately half end up in the trash.  So I knew I wanted to do something different and that gave me the idea of cupcakes.  I originally had planned on making cupcake toppers w/ farm animals, but I came across a picture where someone had made a cow out of cupcakes and knew that is what I wanted to do!  Luckily for me aunt Beth and aunt Kay-Kay were on hand to take over and create our birthday cow – they did a fantastic job!


Colton received some great gifts.  He loves his farm and farm animals… he has been playing with it daily!


The whole time he was opening gifts he kept eyeing the cupcakes… it was so funny!  Finally I told him he could have one – so he picked up the one that said “moo” (how fitting) and licked away.  He hardly ever gets sweets and really has little want for any, but he really enjoyed licking the icing from the top of the cupcake!  We had a hard time getting him to sit it down to even open gifts! 



He loved his tractor!!  When he sat down on it he said, “oh just like Daddy’s!”  It was so cute!!


He looks so big in this picture!


And this is our attempt to get a family picture.  Happy Birthday Colton!

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