June 21, 2011

Flood Waters

June 21, 2011

Chris and I were up all night Sunday night into Monday morning listening to the storm that was hitting us hard. At the time I did not think much about the rain because all of the lightening had my attention! I do not ever remember experiencing lightening like this – it seemed like one continual lightening bolt for several hours.  We were so concerned that around 3am we turned on the weather channel to make sure there were no tornado warnings.  At that time the only warnings that were going out were for lightening.

At 6am I woke to a river running through our front yard (cannot believe I did not take pictures) – we could not believe it… but we had nothing compared to what our neighboring town experienced.

mboro - 22nd street     bbc

The picture on the right is of my church… the flooded parking lot is where we park our church buses.

cumberland avenue     looking down from trussle

noetown     wall collapse

Picture 2 is my husbands great grandfather’s home – there was a stone wall that line the sidewalk – the wall was around a hundred years old.

mboro13     mbor016

The waters have receded today, but the recovery effort is going to take a long time and unfortunately we are due to get more rain.

flood5     arial view

Please be in prayer for all those effected by natural disasters.

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