June 7, 2011

Fun Times On The Lake

June 7, 2011
This weekend we had family come in from far away for some fun times on the lake!  We had not seen Chris’ brother's family or his sister Allison and her husband since Christmas!  We all stayed together for the weekend at my in laws.  Fortunately for us my father in law lives on the lake and we get to reap the benefits!
Sunday was the first time this year we made it into the water.  I am self admittedly a nap nazi, but I agreed to let Colton skip his nap so he could enjoy some time in the water!  And enjoy it he did!DSC_0366
He would climb up the the ladder go over and tell Uncle B, “I need you help!” … Uncle B would “throw” him in the water to Chris… I think they must have done this a dozen times!
DSC_0353           DSC_0351
Colton also spent lots of time swimming to Chris
and climbing all over him as he swam!
If this weekend was any indication I think we will be spending lots of time in the water!

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