June 27, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Keepsake Boxes

June 27, 2011

My children’s stuff is so sentimental.  I have held onto so much, but it is currently in a paper box and a Bloomingdales bag in my closet!  I have been searching for ideas of what to do with all the “stuff”.  I’m not the most creative momma in the world, but I wanted to do something more than just throwing the stuff in a Rubbermaid container – or maybe the Rubbermaid container is the best route?!

Below are some great tips from some fellow mommy bloggers!  Check out their idea and their blogs if you get a chance!!  You can also linky up your blog post about your children’s “keepsake boxes” by using the linky tool below!

  1. Amy author of His Treasured Princess - I take digital photos of a lot of my daughter's "creations" - I plan to scrapbook them for her. I have a memory box (photo storage box) of keepsakes from bringing her home from the hospital, her first birthday and etc.
  2. Rae author of Push Pops & Daisies - This takes a bit of work but my friends and I create memory boxes for each year of high school. We got a cheap box at Hobby Lobby. Mod podged it with pictures, scrap booking paper, and cut outs from magazines and such. They turned out really cool and unique looking!
  3. Chrissy D author of Today is a Treasure - Right now I have two under bed storage boxes for my two school-age daughters. It's working well for me right now. Big enough to fit odd size art projects and I can keep them tucked away.
  4. Mikaila author or And at the End of the Day - Personally, I love the boxes they sell at Michael's that are designed for photo storage. They have CUTE designs and several sizes.
  5. Karen author of Karen Dawkins - I keep a file for each of my kids for the school year. When they are really excited about a particular project, I write a note about its significance on the back. At the end of the year, we go through the file together to pare it down. If no one remembers why a particular item is in there, we toss it out. The elementary files are a lot thicker than middle and high school files. I include certificates of achievement, notes they got in the mail, etc. not just school stuff.  Once we pare it down, I stuff it into a giant manila envelope, write the year on the outside and tuck it in a box in the attic. Someday, maybe, they'll get into scrapbooks.
  6. Neatha author of A Twinkle In Time - I have digital scrapbooks right now since my son is only 20 months old but as he starts to grow I plan on keeping the stuff he makes and draws and small stuff that matters most to him as he grows out of it.  I would love to have a wooden chest for him but I think that I will try and have my brother make a custom cedar box for him. Who knows.
  7. Ainsley author of Inside My Heaven - All of my old school papers and projects are in a Rubbermaid container that my mom started when I was in elementary. It worked out pretty well over the years.  I also have a beautiful cedar chest that my grandfather made in his high school shop class. Both of my prom dresses are in it because I just can't bear to part with them.
  8. Christine author of Memories by Christine - I did a Rubbermaid container for each of my kids for their first year.
  9. Author of Random Thoughts by Me - I use the decorative boxes from Party America.  Quite a bit larger than a photo storage box, and then pick one that either matches what the kids are into at the time or perhaps a nickname.  We have a dinosaur box, one with bears, cupcakes, etc.  It's the kids' keepsake/waiting for mom to scrapbook box.
  10. Barb author of Albums to Remember - I like to scan items and put them in their scrapbooks although I haven;t gotten very far. As far as something to store them in, when I saw this I thought it would be cool. http://www.artscow.com/photo-gifts/stool
  11. Jessica author of Make Something Beautiful - I have decided that with 3 children that I can't save everything!  In fact, I have set up some "guidelines" as to what I save: I ALWAYS save stuff with hand prints or foot prints and always save things that have photos on them.  Everything else I either take my kiddos photo with the piece of artwork or project or I scan it and make it part of the background of a scrapbook page.  It sometimes makes me sad to throw away things, but if I take a photo or scan of it, we will always have that! It is the only way that I have found to keep my save pile under control!

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