June 13, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Lets Get Started!

June 13, 2011

I want to start a new series on my blog called “Mom’s Tips Monday”.  When you need advice about anything involving your home, your children, or even life as a mom who is the first person you normally turn to?  Another mom of course! I have found that the best solutions and answers most often come from a fellow mom – this is usually the case because they too have had the same issue before!  It amazes me to see how creative and wise others women are and I love to glean from them!

When I posted on Blog Frog about sharing some of your cleaning tips and secrets I was so excited to see all the responses and so were so many of you!  Salt and baking soda on my carpet!  Who would have thought of that!?  Certainly not me, but I am so thrilled Lynne in the Savvy Living Community decided to share.  I will be trying it out later this week!

How will it work?

Each Monday we will have a different theme and you will have the opportunity to do your own blog post and then link it up to mine so that everyone can see your awesome tips with pictures and whatever else you have to offer!  I will also be opening the discussions on Blog Frog and posting some of my favorite responses right here each Monday!

We will kick it off Monday June 20th with your best tips and secrets to organizing and keeping your laundry under control!  I envy with delight those with amazing laundry rooms so I cannot wait to see pictures and hear how many of you do (or maybe do not) keep your laundry organized and under control!

Happy Blogging!

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