June 20, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Organizing Your Laundry

June 20, 2011
Do you feel like laundry is taking over your home!?  Most days I do - I am either putting a load in, taking out a load, folding a load, or desperately needing to put a load away.  I do not mind doing the laundry, but I loath putting it all away!
The biggest thing that helps me is my laundry sorter.  I bought a cheap one from walmart with 3 slots – one for my dark colors, light colors and one for whites.  I really need another one, but I have 4 laundry baskets and a hamper so I cannot justify buying another one (right now).  All of our towels and bibs go in the hamper and Colton and Claire's clothes go in a separate laundry basket.  I have always washed my children’s clothes in a more mild detergent that what I wash mine and Chris’s clothes in so they get washed separately – this helps tremendously when folding and putting away.  This way I do not have to sort the children’s clothes from the adults clothes – makes life easier in the end. 
My husband wears khaki slacks to work everyday so I try to wash all of those in one load at the end of the week – that way when I get them out of the dryer they can all be immediately hung and once again no sorting needed!  I once thought it would be a good idea to try to do all laundry on one day, but that never seems to work out for me.  What has helped me is I have started taking the weekends off from doing laundry!  Check out some of these great tips from some other mom bloggers and check out their blogs too!!  If you have a great tip you can add your post to the bottom of this post using the linky tool!
  1. Angie author of sevenclowncircus - I have 5 shelves in my laundry room, and use one shelf per child to fold their clothes.  It's then their job to take their clothes to their room and put away.
  2. Theresa author of transitionslifecoaching - My kids are out of the house already. I had two laundry baskets - one in the Master Bath and one outside the kids' bathroom.
  3. Kristin author of BonBon Rose Girls - I try to do all three of our laundry separate for the most part. Less things seem to go missing that way!
  4. Rebeca author of The Average Parent - I have a handful of small laundry baskets from the dollar store that I spread out on the floor in my bed room. (It takes up some space, but it's totally worth it.) Each basket gets it's own load of laundry. i.e. whites goes in one, pants in another, towels in one and the rest that can be washed in cold goes in the last basket. It makes laundry so easy because once a small basket was full, I carry it out and throw it in the washer. No need to dig through the big basket and sort everything out.
  5. Byn author of 365 Days of Clean Eating - I make my kids do it:)  That's about as organized as I get.  I used to be all organized.  When my kids were little, I would put one dot on the oldest kids' clothes, and when they got passed down to the next kid, I'd add one more dot... until it got to the last child and there would be 5 dots.  That made it possible for all the kids to sort the clean clothes and know which drawer to put it in.  We also keep all the clothing drawers (we bought the plastic stackable ones at WM) right across from our washer and dryer so everyone's clothes get put away as soon as it comes out of the dryer.  That cuts way down on baskets sitting around full of clothes waiting to be put away.
  6. Beckie author of Infarrantly Creative Craft Projects - Hmmmm well each of the kids have their own laundry baskets.  My husband and I have a dark and a light basket.  Once it is full I empty the whole thing into the washing machine.  I use all Shaklee products and their amazing Nature Brite gets stains out every time.  I don't pretreat at all I just put a scoop in the machine every time and I get stain free clothes all the time.  I also try and fold right away.  I bring the kids hangars into the laundry room and then put it away.
  7. Amy author of Mod Podge Rocks Blog - When I don't fold right away, that's when everything goes to h-e-double hockey sticks in a handbasket with the laundry. Then it takes a week to fold and put away!
  8. Melissa author of A Heavenly Journey - Basically, all dirty laundry is categorized - colors, whites, and reds (I wash my reds, dark pinks, and dark purples separate from other colors) in its own baskets so all I have to do is grab an armful and shove it in the washer. No sorting!!! I hate sorting. You can get big laundry baskets/hampers pretty cheap and they are soooo worth it to keep the laundry organized.Also, if you're having trouble keeping up with the laundry, think of it this way: How many times a day do you just walk past your washer and dryer? Really think about it. And then, every time you walk past them during your normal day, throw a load in the washer or transfer a load to the dryer. That really helped me get more regular at doing laundry.

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